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Featured collection: buy movie posters

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Bij Walljar hebben wij een uitgebreide collectie aan film posters, kies jouw favoriete films voor aan de wand en ga nu snel jouw favoriete buy movie posters!
Moderne slaapkamer

A modern bedroom: this is how you do it!

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A modern bedroom offers tranquility, looks very spacious and looks chic. In this blog you can read how to turn your bedroom into a modern bedroom!
Scandinavische woonkamer

This is how you decorate a Scandinavian living room!

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A Scandinavian living room radiates peace, simplicity and warmth. In this blog you can read how to furnish your living room in this way!
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Good news for business partners: €150 in shopping credit!

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Good news for companies! You can now order our products via Orderchamp. You will find our (new) collections there and we invite you to register for free!

Italië posters

Create the look: Venice Photo Wall

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Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere at home? Then this gallery wall of Venice is for you! Experience the gondola rides through the waters of Venice through this black and white Italy posters to hang on your wall.
Voetbal poster

Featured collection: football posters

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football postersAt Walljar we have an extensive range of these! Football brings us all many beautiful moments, and these moments are perfect to hang on the wall!
Wanddecoratie meisjeskamer

Wall decoration girl's room: the nicest posters for the wall!

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Wall decoration girl's room: posters where your girl can express her own fantasy world! Take a look at the Walljar collections.
Binnenkijken interieur

Look inside a single-family house with a boho Ibiza style

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She lives in a nice single-family home in Vleuten. Her interior does not really have one specific living style, but mainly consists of nude and natural tones with a touch of gold. Take a look inside Desirée's home!

Trendkleuren 2022

Trend colors 2022: these are they and that's how they come into your interior!

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2022 is a year of refreshment and renewal. Discover the trend colors 2022 in this blog!

kantoor muurdecoratie

Create the look: office wall decoration

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A perfect photo wall for the office, the office types that everyone in their company has. For example, you probably know someone who is always late, or someone who is always too busy to spar together. We have featured some of these office types on office wall decoration!

Ingelijste foto bestellen

We at Walljar wish you a happy new year!

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We wish everyone a new year full of happiness, health and new opportunities! Start your year with new posters by one that gives a refreshing look to the interior! A order a framed photo from our collection? Take a look at our new products and there might be something for your interior!

leuke woonwinkels

8x nice home furnishings stores: physical and online!

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Nowadays there are many home furnishings stores that have a wide range that we can no longer see the wood for the trees. In this blog you can read all about it nice furniture stores in the Netherlands!