FC Den Bosch fans

The best posters for FC Den Bosch fans

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Lees hier over de geschiedenis van FC Den Bosch en de iconische voetballers! En bestel de leukste posters voor echte FC The Bosch fans bij Walljar!


Tips for the perfect maternity gifts

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Ben jij op zoek naar het perfecte maternity gift? Bekijk hier verschillende ideeën en maternity gift tips! 
Vaderdag cadeau

Toon je waardering voor je vader met een origineel Vaderdag cadeau!

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Met Vaderdag geven wij onze vaders dat beetje extra waardering die zij verdienen! Op zoek naar een Father's Day cadeau? Check dan onze collectie vol met originele wall decoration!

Abstracte kunst: wat maakt deze schilderijen zo uniek

Abstract art: what makes these paintings so unique

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Seeking abstract art paintings for the wall? Read more about the unique art form and buy abstract art here!

Groene schilderijen

You will find the nicest green paintings at Walljar!

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Order your green schilderijen at Walljar! In this blog you can read about the different ways to bring back the color green in your interior.

Accessoires badkamer

Bathroom accessories

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Are you looking for fun accessoires and ideas for your bathroom to dress up? We give several tips, including wall decoration for in the bathroom

Landelijke slaapkamer

How do I create a country bedroom?

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Do you want a nationwide bedroom create at home? We would like to give you some inspiration and have therefore listed a few things for you.
Bohemian interieur

Bohemian living style: this is how you create a bohemian interior!

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A bohemian home stylel is the style for people who choose to lead an unlimited life. We give tips for creating a bohemian interior!

Retro interieur

Retro interior: how do you create this funky style?

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A Retro interior: it's cheerful, lively, has bright colors, bold designs and is funky. Read how to realize this great interior style! 

Het EK 2021, eindelijk is het zo ver!

The European Championship 2021, it's finally here!

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The APPENDIX 2021, it's finally here! Do you want to know more about the European Championship groups, view this article!

Film posters

Decorate your wall now with the most beautiful movie posters!

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Are you looking for film posters to decorate your wall? Check out our collection with prints of iconic movie scenes!
Modern interieur

Create a modern interior in 4 steps!

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Do you want a to ensure interior create for your home? In this blog you will find the best step-by-step plan for creating your modern interior!