Winkel opening

The store is open: will you come by?

Walljar Editorial
After a few weeks of hard work to set up the store nicely, the time has come: we are open! Our store is full wall decoration with passion for quality† Check out what's available in the store. 
3D kunst aan de muur

New collection: 3D wall art

CollectionsWalljar Editorial
3D wall art is unique, trendy and will be a real eye-catcher in your interior. Walljar's 3D artworks are handmade and have a relief in the design. Take a look at this cool collection!
poster bladeren

Create the look: Photo wall Plants Leaves in an urban jungle interior

Photo wallsWalljar Editorial
Bring nature into your home with this green browse poster of plants. A trend that you see a lot now is an urban jungle interior, which belongs completely to plant lovers. 
Wanddecoratie boven banken

Wall decoration above sofas: how and where?

SpacesWalljar Editorial
Wall decoration above benches hanging can sometimes be a challenge. We give you some tips about size, material and some fun inspiration!
Wanddecoratie zwart

Wall decoration black: a nice addition to your interior!

CollectionsWalljar Editorial
Are you looking for wanddecoration in black† Then we have a beautiful collection of wall decoration black for you! In this blog we will show you some examples of how you can combine this nicely in an interior.
Jan Davidsz de Heem canvas

Jan Davidsz de Heem canvas paintings

CollectionsWalljar Editorial
Jan Davidsz de Heem canvas paintings are extremely popular. His works of art are chic, timeless and great to hang on the wall. Read about his life and most famous paintings.
Burning man poster

Create the look: Photo wall Burning Man

Photo wallsWalljar Editorial

this fat black and white gallery wall including a Burning Man poster Do you want to hang on the wall as a real Burning man fan? This way you get the Burning man feeling back completely!

Velvet schilderij

Premium collection: a velvet painting!

MaterialsWalljar Editorial
Velours, velvet or also velvet! Your design can now be printed on this luxurious fabric. Velvet has a subtle silky sheen and a velvety feel. Read more about how a velvet painting is made and its benefits in this blog.
Iets voor aan de muur woonkamer

Something for the wall living room edition

SpacesWalljar Editorial
In this blog you can read about something for the wall living room edition, we show the latest trends of the summer of 2022 and above all give a lot of inspiration! This way you can transform your own living room into the latest wall decoration trends this summer.
Forex wanddecoratie

Forex wall decoration: the ideal light wall decoration

MaterialsWalljar Editorial
Do you want to hang something on the wall made of a light material? Then forex is the ideal material for you! In this blog you can read more about forex wall decoration.
Officiële opening van de Walljar winkel in Rotterdam! Kom jij ook? - Walljar

Official opening of the Walljar store in Rotterdam! Are you coming?

Walljar Editorial
The time has finally come, after a few weeks of hard work to set up the store nicely, the time has come: we are opening! The official opening will be...
Gustav Klimt poster

The most beautiful Gustav Klimt poster: now on your wall!

CollectionsWalljar Editorial

We have given the original paintings a new look and are available to everyone! Read more about the painter Gustav Klimt and discover the Gustav Klimt posters from our collection.