Mooie posters woonkamer

Are you (re)decorating your living room and looking for wall decoration? Then these are 10x beautiful posters living room maybe something for you. Get inspired and buy your favorite poster!

1.Piet Mondrian - Composition No. IV

This Dutch painter has made many well-known works. He was known for his abstract and non/figurative art. This is also one of his most famous works of art: Piet Mondrian - Composition No. IV. In terms of colors, the poster is not too busy and it will certainly be one of the beautiful posters for the living room.

Beautiful posters living room

2.Beautiful posters living room: Blue Hills

A triptych painting is always a good idea if you want the different paintings to fit together well. This way you keep things calm, but you still have interesting posters hanging on the wall. In this example you see the triptych painting by Blue hills.

Beautiful posters living room

3.William Morris - Honeysuckle

In the selection of beautiful posters living room can't miss this one. Most know him from his wallpaper. William Morris' prints have been transformed into bold framed posters. This example shows one of our bestsellers William Morris - Honeysuckle.

Beautiful posters living room

4. Burning Man

How cool is it to hang a memory of an experience you've had on the wall? You can if you went to burning man with this one Burning Man poster! In addition, you can also just hang up this burning man poster if you have not been there. Did you know that there is a great story behind this image? Read more about it in this blog.

Beautiful posters living room

5.Hollywood Street

De Hollywood street is an accessible painting for the beautiful posters living room series. Because the image is beautifully framed with a white frame and natural colors such as green, brown and blue appear in the image, this painting looks good in any interior!

Beautiful posters living room

6. City map Rotterdam Center III

You can't go wrong with this poster, the City map Rotterdam Center III is available in two colors (white and black) so that it always fits in a living room. In addition to the city map of Rotterdam, we have of course also depicted plenty of other cities on a city map. Check it out in this collection.

Beautiful posters living room

7.Beautiful posters living room: Reclining Scottish Highlanders

One of the classics in our collection: the Scottish Highlanders! These cute animals are often hung in a grand manner in the living room. Also in this example, the black and white poster is a real eye-catcher! For what size Reclining Scottish Highlanders you go?

Beautiful posters living room

8.Vincent van Gogh - Sunflowers II

Van Gogh and his detailed artworks: beautiful! These beautiful posters look good in a quiet living room. This way it won't get too busy in your interior, but the emphasis will really be on the wall decoration in the home. Below you can find the beautiful posters living room VAN Vincent van Gogh - Sunflowers II see.

Beautiful posters living room

9.New York-Brooklyn Bridge

A perfect framed poster for a cool industrial home. The cables of the New York-Brooklyn Bridge add dimension to your home. In addition, a black and white poster naturally matches all the other colors in the home. Super easy to combine wall decoration!

Beautiful posters living room

10. Big Bend National Park

This beautiful park in Texas, the United States is a beautiful nature painting. A nature painting creates a spacious feeling in the house. Also this poster from Big bend national park showing a road in the mountains. 

Beautiful posters living room

Even more beautiful posters living room to see?

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