3D art

Our love for wall decoration and the beautiful dressing of empty walls for both consumers and business customers is combined in this collection. Unique, qualitative 3d art is beautiful in any interior! 

What is 3d art?

That is an understandable question, because are these designs now printed with a 3D printer? That is not the case. The 3d art schilderijen from Walljar are made of wood and framed with a wooden box frame. Structure is applied to the designs so that there is relief in the painting. This is why the paintings are also called relief art. The name 3D art comes from the structure of the painting. Because of the different layers of wood, the painting comes out of your wall, as it were! 
3d art

Where are the paintings made?

We at Walljar make the paintings ourselves in a workshop in Rotterdam. This allows us to deliver our own unique designs and we take into account the sustainable production of the paintings. For example, the designs are made in such a way that less wood is lost.
3d art

Which designs do you have?

Walljar has several 3d art designs, number I to VI. These designs are in the colors white, black. beige, terracotta and green and gray available. All paintings are beautifully framed in a wooden frame.

In addition, we have two limited edition designs, in which gold leaf is processed. Perfect if you would like something extra in your interior!
3d art

Can I also mix and match colors?

Yes, this is definitely possible! If you prefer a green 3d art Would you like a painting with a wood-colored frame or a white painting with a white frame? That's no problem. Send your request to info@walljar.com and we will custom make it for you.
3d art

3D art: the best interior trend of the moment!

This collection is very suitable for your living room or office. View the entire collection on the 3d art page, and choose your favorite now. Do you have a nice photo with your painting in your interior? Tag us in your photo with #walljar.