Eindhoven poster

Do you have the Eindhoven poster in Walljar's collection of Eindhoven seen already? But don't you get read about Eindhoven? Then we have a list especially for you with the 3 best activities you can do in Eindhoven!

1. Stratums End: wall decoration of that legendary night out?

It is one of the best places to go out in the Netherlands Stratum signal in Eindhoven. It is the longest continuous pub street in the Netherlands and one of the largest in all of Europe! It is therefore definitely worth a visit. 

The pub street is a café in the afternoon where you can sit on the terrace in the sun and have a drink. But in the evening, the pub street is transformed into a street with a fantastic nightlife, where you can be yourself for an evening.

Popular bars are bars like '' het lempke '', or '' de silent disco, or '' villa fiesta '' where you can spin the wheel and with a little luck walk home with a free bottle of booze. There is a cozy pub for everyone.

The Stratum signal is located in the center of Eindhoven in an extension of the beautiful Saint Catherine's Church. Do you also think this is a beautiful church? Do not wait any longer and order this as art poster, canvas painting of plexiglass painting and hang it on your wall! 

Next to St. Catherine's Church you come on your way to it Stratum signal also past a number of other beautiful buildings such as the Admirant, the Vesteda tower and the Regent. Suppose you want one of the buildings as wall decoration have a look at our Eindhoven collection and order your Eindhoven poster!

2. Carnival: mhour decorations from lamphole to keel hole 

Carnival is held every year in Eindhoven. It is really something for the real party animals among us. It is a week long gas. The real die hards drink beer every day for a week. Carnival lasts from February 24 to March 1. In theory everyone has to go back to work on March 2, but in practice this does not happen very often. Usually it is still time to recover from that fantastic party last week.

The feast is originally held because it is the week before the Christians' official fast. But nowadays parties and socializing are a better reason to have a good party. In addition to carnival being celebrated in Eindhoven, it is also celebrated in other southern cities. 

For example, every city in North Brabant also has a different name during carnival. For example the Eindhoven lampegat, Tilburg jug city and Breda Kielegat. Do you find Breda or Tilburg interesting? Then check the wall decoration from our cities collection of Breda en Tilburg for a bit. There is sure to be something you like!

So are you planning to ever go to Eindhoven? Then take the train to the beautiful Eindhoven Central and make sure you don't miss this party! Walljar also sells the most beautiful Eindhoven poster, take a look at our collection of Eindhoven!  

3. PSV Museum: an Eindhoven poster from your favorite club

Are you a real PSV fan? Then you must have seen the PSV museum in Eindhoven. The museum was founded in 2013 to celebrate PSV's 100th anniversary. The entrance to the museum is located on the southern side of the Philips stadium. Next to the museum there is also a PSV shop where you can buy all PSV items.

There is a lot to see in the museum. You can see all the prizes that PSV has achieved in its centenary. And there are a lot I can tell you. In addition, you can find images of football greats such as Romario, Ronaldo, Cocu and many others here. All the big important moments of the club are highlighted here. Whether it's a loyal supporter or an important goal, it's all there.
Eindhoven posterDo you want to see your heroes and what they have achieved? Then go to the PSV museum now and experience it! Do you also want a beautiful Eindhoven poster from the Philips stadium? Order it now here !


Now that you are aware of the 3 best activities in Eindhoven, you probably want to have a souvenir of when you have been here. So don't wait any longer and order your Eindhoven poster!