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With an earth-tone living room you are always in the right place. By incorporating these shades into your interior, you immediately create a warm and soothing atmosphere. It is therefore not surprising that an earth-tone living room remains so popular. Watch how you can use the Walljar posters earth tones to your living room. 

Create peace and balance

When choosing colors for you earth tones living room you have to think of colors that you see in nature. Like on the beach, in the mountains or in the forest. A earth tones living room suits many different living styles. Because they are generally not bright colors, it ensures peace and balance.

Hot or cold?

Earth tones are not just warm colors, because cool colors are also reflected in nature. Warm earth tones are brown, beige and terracotta, but also variants of yellow and orange, as you see in autumn leaves. Cool earth tones are, for example, blue, gray and green, as you see them in the forest and the sea. Do you choose a warm or cool one earth tones living room?

Perfect posters for you earth tones living room


Quotes, letters and words. You see this more and more often in wall decoration. Looking for a minimalist addition to you earth tones living room† For example, choose a calm white poster with text, such as the Breathe poster. This poster from the collection Typography gives a small reminder to take a breath every now and then.

Ohara Koson - Crane Bird

With this design you really bring nature into your earth-tone living room. Two cranes are depicted on a gray-blue background, as you often see in the sky. Crane Bird is the perfect addition to your earth-tone living room. 

Earth tones living room

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Do you want to show your zodiac sign in your interior? With your zodiac sign in your house you show a bit of your personality. next to poster Aquarius Zodiac Sign you can find other zodiac posters in the collection typography† except in you earth tones living room it will also look great in your bedroom. 

Earth tones living room


Woman Line Art

In this design, the artist has combined black lines with a beautiful earth tone. With the Woman Line Art give warmth and femininity to your earth tones living room. For more Line Art wall decoration, view our collection Line Art. 

Body Line Art

Sometimes more is less. With a line art wall decoration, it doesn't take much to make a statement at home. With the poster Body Line Art you give your interior a feminine touch, just like with the Woman Line Art. The deep brown color contrasts beautifully against a wall in a light earth tone. 

Earth tones living room


Rock Beach

Rock Beach is really the perfect match for your earth-tone living room. The painting with the colors brown, gray and beige fits perfectly with an interior inspired by colors from nature. You can find this poster in our collection Abstract. 

Earth tones living room

Tip: Filter by color

Most earth tones can be combined well with each other, but are you only looking for warm earth tones? Then use the filter option and choose, for example, the colors orange, brown and beige. 

Choose your favorite in a earth tones living room!

Choose your favorite designs and create the perfect gallery wall for you earth tones living room. All designs are available as poster, canvas painting and plexiglass painting. 

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