Abstracte kunst: wat maakt deze schilderijen zo uniek - Walljar

Abstract art: maybe you really like it, hate it or just don't understand it. In any case, you've started reading this blog, so we can assume that you're curious about this confusing, but special form of art. We are happy to tell you more about it!

What is Abstract art?

Abstract art has been around for over 100 years. Some even claim that Abstract art goes back to the time of cave paintings, thousands of years ago!  Abstract paintings emerged as a departure from the classical and traditional academic painting in Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A lot of artists went against formal teaching during this period and started art that did not refer to objects in the real world.

''Abstract art is art which the agreement between the artwork and avoids the visible reality.”

This new way of painting was considered 'pure' art', because the paintings are entirely of the artists originated, rather than copied from objects and images in the real world!

Understanding Abstract art

Understanding Abstract art seems difficult, but is actually very simple. All you need is an open mind and a great imagination.
Abstract artWinding shapes, a series of colorful patterns, a river flowing through green fields... or is it a cosmic energy that you see flowing?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You can interpret it however you want, and that's the beauty of it. You have to painting enter and see where it takes you. Abstract art gives you the freedom to do it artwork explore and give your own meaning to the piece. This personalized process transforms a viewer's experience with a artwork unique.

Expressionism in Abstract art

Within the Abstract art you can also find expressionism. Here, painters express their emotion while creating a artwork. Within this painting the painting process is more important than the final work itself. Bee abstract expressionism is about the way in which the painters approach the canvas. For example, throwing paint is associated with aggression, despair or sadness. 

Abstract art on your wall

Are you looking for abstract wall art? Abstract art is often timeless and also a nice form of art to add to your interior! You can look at it for times and see something different in it every time. It just depends on how far your imagination goes! Discover our line art collection for Abstract art in your house! 

Is Abstract art what for you? 

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