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In abstract art, different shapes, lines and colors appeal to the imagination. You can give it meaning yourself. Everyone can see something different in it. Take a look at some new posters that we have added to our collection abstract posters!

Abstract posters in neutral tones

In our new collection abstract posters you see a lot of neutral tones in combination with different shapes. This combination gives a playful touch to your interior. Due to the use of color they fit on any wall. If you have a neutral color on the wall, abstract posters provide an overall calm effect. If you have a striking color on your wall, abstract posters provide a little more balance.

Stylish illustrations

A number of new flat designs have been added to our collection of abstract posters. This one abstract posters display women in a minimalistic view. This is how you see at the Curly Girl a tinted woman with her hair curled up in a bun, with dark lips and striking earrings. With these flat designs you show your respect and love for the woman! Of course, these posters look beautiful on any wall. 

abstract posters
Circles and arcs 

The color palette of beige, dark gray and burgundy red combined with circles and arcs form the basis of some of our new abstract posters. painted arche combines white arches with a brightly colored circle directly above them on a neutral background and radiates balance. Fan of symmetry in your interior? Then choose white arches

abstract posters

Minimalist fruits

De abstract posters with fruits are presented in a simple way and yet it is clear what kind of fruit it is. the posters 'peach branch' en 'lemons' are ideal as wall decoration for the kitchen! The soft colors immediately give the room an elegant and atmospheric appearance. 

abstract posters

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Minimalist wall decoration

This abstract room wall decoration shows the space in a minimalist way. This is how you see the abstract poster Zbitch plants, a table, a chair, carpet and a mirror, but no further context of the space. Due to the soft tones that are used, this abstract poster is suitable for any wall! 

abstract posters

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Waves for the imagination

Are you looking for something that you really need to use your imagination for? Then the abstract posters where everyone sees something different, perfect for you! For example, what do you see in this Red Waves† Or this one Unbalanced Shapes† These are works that you keep looking at!

abstract posters
Hang your favorite abstract posters on your wall!

Whether you go for the Curly Girl, a fruit poster for the kitchen, one of the arches or a minimalist room: your favorite abstract posters you buy at Walljar. In addition to the new collection, we also have many others abstract posters