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Do you want to know more about Tilburg? We show you the best Tilburg activities in and around the city. In addition, we also tell you something about our collection of photos of Tilburg and why you must have this fantastic wall decoration.

A visit to the City Brewery 

Are you a real one beer lover? Then we recommend that you pay a visit to the city brewery in Tilburg. Here you can take a tour and see how the best beers are brewed in Tilburg. In addition, there is also the opportunity to sample a beer here and there. 

You can of course also reserve a table and enjoy a nice evening with friends. The city brewery is located in the beautiful center of Tilburg. There are so many things to do here, but also to see. Therefore order one photo of Tilburg on Walljar! We have Tilburg activities in our Tilburg collection stand!

Recreational park Beekse Bergen

Are you a real animal lover and do you think it is fantastic to see your favorite animal up close? Then the Beekse Bergen is definitely a place you want to visit. The park has over 1500 animals, 100 of which are different species. These differ from small insects to large mammals. 

The park distinguishes itself from other parks by their beautiful safari tour. Here you can really get a closer look at the animals! You will learn a lot more about the animals from the guide who accompanies you and explains each animal. Do you really think the Beekse Bergen is a top park? Order your now wall decoration of the Beekse Bergen on Walljar!

Taking care of animals in Zoo de Oliemeulen

The Oliemeulen animal park in Tilburg may not be the largest animal park you have ever seen, but it is one of them most beautiful en coziest animal park. Despite the size of the park, they have as many as 150 different animal species. 

The nice thing about a smaller park is that there is also some more possible is. You can walk among the animals and even spend a day with a caretaker and take care of the animals. 

In addition, it is also possible to have an animal to adopt. You will receive an adoption certificate and photos of your adopted animal. This way you can help your favorite animal and you also have nice pictures of the animal for your home!

The small animal park is right in it center of Tilburg. So you can walk through the city of Tilburg before or after you've been to the zoo to see what the city has to offer. You're bound to come across some interesting buildings if you do this. Are you interested in a photo of Tilburg activities? Then look in our Tilburg collection.

De Efteling: The theme park of the Netherlands

Although efteling is not located in the city of Tilburg itself, it is located just on the outskirts of Tilburg. It is it most famous amusement park in the Netherlands and it is visited by up to 5 million people every year. Moreover, it is not only the most famous theme park in the Netherlands, but also one of the best known in all of Europe.

It's a theme park for young and old. For the children there is the fairytale forest, where they can brave the great dragon and encounter all their favorite fairytale characters. For the roller coaster enthusiast there is the section '' rough land '' where all roller coasters are located. Roller coasters such as the flying Dutchman, Joris and the dragon and the python are very popular. 

After a day of strolling around efteling you can dive into the city of Tilburg and have a drink on the terrace do in the center of Tilburg. On the way to the center you will come across beautiful monuments and places. Walljar has some of these Tilburg activities on wall decoration put. To do this, go to Walljar's Tilburg collection and buy your photo of Tilburg!

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