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At Walljar there are various options for wall decoration in the office. For a completely new look, opt for textile walls. Here you have the option to  acoustic wall panels to go. Thanks to the smart hanging system, the canvas is easy to change. 

Why acoustic wall panels

In many office spaces, the acoustics are not good. Then the reverberation of the sound is too long. Poor acoustics can cause irritation and fatigue. To prevent this and increase productivity, use acoustic wall panels. 

The material: AcousticPro

With acoustic wall panels this material ensures a quieter room. The fabric consists of 90% recycled cotton fibres. These long fibers ensure good absorption of ambient noise. 

Other textiles

Next acoustic wall panels, you can also choose one of the other types of cloth:  Dekostof, Dekostof Antibacterial, Decotex, Structex, Theater, Blackback XL and Blackback Soft. A frequently chosen material is Decotex. This is a supple cloth with a fine structure of polyester with a matte appearance. The fabric is light-absorbing, so prints are clearly visible in different light conditions. 

Acoustic wall panels

The frame

The smart hanging system makes it easy to change the canvas. This allows you to change the canvas when, for example, a certain promotion or campaign is running, or when the company logo has changed. The textile frame is made of aluminum and available in silver, black or white. You can choose from the following thicknesses: 19mm, 25mm, 27mm, 44mm and 80mm. You can also opt for a frame with LED lighting in it. It has a profile of 60 millimeters wide. 

Freestanding frame

There is also the option to opt for a free-standing frame for acoustic wall panels or wall panels of the other materials. Frames over four meters long are divided into several equal parts. You will receive this including extension sets with which you can attach the parts to each other. 

Other options

  • AcousticPro Budget panel: In addition to the acoustic wall panel with Acoustic Pro and an aluminum frame, it is also possible to opt for a budget variant. This is provided with acoustic material behind a Dekostof cloth on a wooden frame. 
  • AcousticPro Hexagons: A sound-damping hexagonal panel with a beautiful print, own photo or pattern. 

Personalize your wall panels

The wall panels can be completely tailored to your company. For example, choose a photo, logo or beautiful print. There is also the option to choose your own design. 

Curious about what other possibilities we offer for your company?

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