Amsterdam activiteiten

Are you such a fan of our capital and can't you get enough of Amsterdam? We have of course prints of Amsterdam, but do you also want to visit these locations in real life? Then we have selected three fun Amsterdam activities for you!

Guided tour of the Johan Cruijff ArenA

As a real Ajax player you must of course have had a tour of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. That is why we have designed a poster of the Johan cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam. Opened in 1996 by Princess Beatrix, the stadium is named after the club's former player / trainer and of course the best footballer the country has ever seen.

The Amsterdam activities that you can do are of course watch a match in the stadium, but you can also get a tour! With a tour of this stadium you will get to all the places where you secretly always wanted to take a look, such as the field. But also the press room where you unfortunately cannot question the trainer about last weekend's line-up because that was really not possible.

You will pass the museum of Ajax where you can experience all the successes such as the national titles, the KNVB cups and the European victories. You will virtually encounter the greatest players who have been able to wear this beautiful shirt, from all time top scorer Piet van Rheenen and Mister Ajax Sjaak Swart to Marco van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp and of course Johan Cruijff who acquired an almost divine status on the field.

Johan Cruijff ArenA poster Amsterdam Do you want to see all your heroes and put your hands on the trophies they've played together? Then take the tour through the Johan Cruijff ArenA now and experience it. Do you want a beautiful Amsterdam poster of the ArenA? Then check it out here !

Science Museum Nemo

Other Amsterdam activities that we have all done: the Nemo museum. You must have been there yourself as a child during a school trip. You can see all kinds of different exhibitions and do your own research in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and behavioral sciences. Do you have young children or do you think your own passion for science could use a refresh. Then visit NEMO and participate in the research and experience how fun and exciting science can be. 

Nemo poster Amsterdam Does your child absolutely love this museum? How nice is it to get a poster of it Nemos museum hanging in the nursery in Amsterdam ?! 

Amsterdam activities: The Rijksmuseum

What are your first thoughts about the Rijksmuseum? Boring, old-fashioned, something for grandpa and grandma. Well you are so wrong. The Rijksmuseum is full of Dutch art and history. It is a must see for every Dutch person. As the Netherlands, we have produced some of the greatest painters in history and as a little country we can be proud of this.

The Rijksmuseum houses some of the best works these heroes have made. Beautiful works such as the Night Watch, The Milkmaid and the Jewish Bride and many more can be admired in the museum.

But of course there is much more to see than just paintings. In summer, take a look at the gardens where various exhibitions can be seen! Would you also like to refresh your Dutch history? Then quickly visit the Rijksmuseum and enjoy everything the museum has to offer. 

Rijksmuseum poster Amsterdam Do you love the Rijksmuseum yourself or do you just think it is a very beautiful building? Order our now Amsterdam poster of the Rijksmuseum.

Discover your favorite Amsterdam activities now!

Amsterdam is a city that has a lot to offer. In practice there is a lot to do and we have made beautiful prints of everything our capital has to offer. Now go to our Amsterdam collection and find your favorite Amsterdam activities.