Amsterdam posters

Our capital Amsterdam: the city that is known for all the canals with the high canal houses, the historical museums, the many bicycles and the tourists who come from everywhere. It is a city to be proud of! At Walljar we have an extensive collection of Amsterdam posters. In this blog we explain a number of posters!

AFC Ajax posters

The professional football club AFC Ajax is of course the pride of Amsterdam. Every year Ajax plays in the highest division and many memorable moments are experienced. Of course you want these memorable moments hanging on the wall! Take this one for example Ajax poster where Ajax became champion in 1980. Or this one Ajax poster from when Keje Molenaar was embraced when he scored his second goal and Ajax became champion in 1982.

Amsterdam posters

Amsterdam City Maps

On the city map, Amsterdam looks like a big puzzle because of all the canals and streets. Hang the city map on your wall and it will immediately become the showpiece of the room! We offer city maps in different sizes, colors and styles. So you can see that this black and white city map gives a completely different atmosphere than this one modern city map!

Amsterdam posters

Museums in Amsterdam

There is a lot of culture to sniff in Amsterdam. At Walljar we also offer museums such as Amsterdam posters! It Rijksmuseum shows paintings by various artist from the 17th century. The building itself was designed by Dutch architect PJH Cuypers. And the NEMO Science Museum is full of science and technology exhibits, experiments, demonstrations and workshops.

Amsterdam posters

Characteristic architecture

In addition to all the museums in Amsterdam, there are also a number of buildings that are very typical of the city. 

  • Amsterdam Centraal is the central station of Amsterdam. The distinctive architecture was designed by PJH Cuypers, AL van Gendt and LJ Eijmer. and has about 200.000 travelers a day. 
  • Johan Cruijff ArenA is the stadium of Amsterdam where AFC Ajax trains. In addition to the memorable moments of the football club, the stadium is also available as a wall decoration!
  • The National Monument in Amsterdam is a monument for the commemoration of the Second World War in the Netherlands. Every year on May 4, this monument is central to the annual National Remembrance Day. 
  • De Zuidas is the financial district of Amsterdam. In addition to the World Trade Center and RAI Amsterdam, many companies are also located here to do business.
  • De westerkerk is located on the edge of the Jordaan. Until 1816 it was a Dutch Reformed church, now it is part of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. 

In other words: Amsterdam has a lot of typical architecture. Choose your favorite architecture and hang it on your wall with pride! This one Amsterdam posters are available in the colors blue, grey, green and orange.

Amsterdam posters

Back to vintage Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city with a rich history. Oldtimers who drive on Dam Square, the herengracht, bus stop at the Bijlmer and the Haarlemmerstraat market are very typical of our capital. We also have these typical images as Amsterdam posters available!

Amsterdam posters

Amsterdam posters proudly on your wall!

Amsterdam: our capital of which we are proud. Here you will find our entire Amsterdam posters collection. Choose your favorite museum, characteristic architecture, retro images or AFC Ajax photo as a poster and hang it on the wall with pride!