Aziatische kunst

If you travel through Asia you will probably come across very special clothing such as the qipao and the kimono. No, those are not forgotten fruits, but dresses. These are typically Asian and you will encounter a lot. In the Asian collection by Walljar there is a lot of Asian art in the field of clothing. The kimono and qipao are very popular items of clothing in Asia that are worn by many women, we will explain them further for you.

The fascinating flower dress 

When do you wear a qipao?

The qipao is a beautiful piece of clothing that is worn by many Chinese women. This garment is worn for both special occasions and informal occasions. The only difference is that no accessories such as a necklace, handbag or sunglasses are worn on a special occasion. 

Asian art

Courtesan Ogiya

The dress is always painted with Chinese animal or flower patterns or other Chinese paintings. The dress is worn by young and old and will remain one of the most popular pieces of clothing in China. Now see the ''Courtesan Ogiya'' from the Asia collection from Walljar! This is a beautiful example of a qipao in Asian art.

Shape of the woman body

The dress is made in such a way that it emphasizes the shape of the woman's body, but does not make it too sexual. For example, the neck, arms and legs of the woman are visible. 

In addition, the shape of the qipao ensures that the shape of the woman is reflected. This is because the qipao has a tight waist. In short, the qipao allows the women to look beautiful and elegant without being dressed too sexy. 

The garment of the Japanese woman

When do you actually wear a kimono? The kimono is a Japanese piece of clothing worn by Japanese women. The garment is generally worn for official occasions such as a wedding. 

There are different rules about how the kimono should be worn per occasion. Long sleeves are worn on one occasion and short sleeves on the other. In addition, two layers of the kimono are worn from December to May and one layer from June to November.

Asian art

Pink Geisha

A nice example of the kimono is the ''Pink Geisha''from Asian art collection from Walljar. Check it out now!

The tradition of the kimono

It is tradition that the kimono is passed on from mother to daughter. The kimonos are not the cheapest items of clothing. For example, do you want to have a real traditional silk kimono? Well, then you can dig deep into your pockets because for this one Asian art you will soon lose about 60.000 euros!

With this money you can also do a lot of other fun things. That's why nowadays there is also the cheaper option in the "ready-to-wear kimono". This one Asian clothing is very affordable!

Inspired by this Asian art

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