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Have you ever thought of taking a tour of Asia? This is one of the most beautiful and educational journeys you will ever take. Asia has a lot to offer in terms of sights, clothing style, products and habits. We have this as asian poster are ready for you and will discuss this in this article!

Countries and areas that you must see are Southern Thailand, the coastal region of China, Singapore, Sumatra and Bali in Indonesia, India, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Myanmar and Japan. That sounds like a lot and it is. That is why backpackers who go here are also more than half a year away. So don't wait any longer and make this trip when the opportunity arises! In addition, don't forget to include your favorite asian poster to order on Walljar if you have made this trip!

The most beautiful places in Asia

When you travel to Asia, there are a number of must-see sights! 

The Vietnamese bay '' Ha Long Bay ''

Ha Long Bay a beautiful bay to take a look. The bay with its crystal clear water, rocks and greenery is a beautiful sight. On the water you will find a number of houses of the local fishing community. Moreover, the bay on the coast of Vietnam also has the most magical caves to offer. So be sure to take a look there! This bay can also be found as an Asian poster in Walljar's landscapes collection!

One of the 7 wonders of the world

Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world that can be found in India. The gigantic palace is considered by some to be the most beautiful building in the world. When you walk the path to the palace you will pass the lively garden with lots of greenery. In addition, a tens of meters long pond has been created that leads to the palace. When you are in India, you are therefore obliged to take a look at this world monument.

asian poster from Bali 

Bali is widely known as a very big tourist attraction. When you are backpacking through Asia, this is definitely a must see. If you like sun, sea and sand, then Bali is really the place to be. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature with its tropical birds and overgrown rocks.

Or you can visit the cute villages and hilly rice fields built by the locals. But of course you can also dream away completely on a beach bed on the endless coast of Bali. As you read, Bali is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Do you want an Asian poster from the beautiful waves on the coast of Bali? Then order the ''Sea Wave Bali'' on Walljar!

Asian souvenirs 

The Chinese fan

In addition to the beautiful clothing style, Asia also has a number of special products that you will encounter on your tour. For example, there is the Chinese fan. Chinese women use these not only to wave themselves a breeze, but also, strangely enough, to hide their faces. They do this so that they can pass on secret messages when needed. 

The razor-sharp Katana

The samurai sword '' the katana '' is the ancient sword that comes from Japan. The sword is special because it is made of a very rare type of metal. The sword production process requires a lot of time and craftsmanship. It is a beautiful piece of decoration and in the hands of a master a fantastic weapon.

Asian art
In Japan there are regular demonstrations of sword masters who make a head of a watermelon. So do you like a bit of action? Then this is really something for you! Therefore order the Asian poster of the ''Hayashi Buheic'' in the Asia collection at Walljar!

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