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Decorating the baby's room is not that easy, you have to take many things into account and especially buy a lot of things new such as nice furniture and wall decoration. Read a step-by-step plan for decorating the baby room in this blog. Good luck!

Step 1: Choose the furniture

The basis always starts with good furniture, the most important pieces of furniture are a baby bed, cupboard and chest of drawers. Anything beyond that is secondary. Good furniture doesn't always have to be expensive, take a look at a marketplace where people sell whole sets of baby rooms. Ideal!

Step 2: Make sure you have enough storage space

In addition to the basic furniture, enough storage space is also very important with a decorating baby's room. Think of storage space in the changing table for diapers, wipes, hydrophilic cloths, rompers, baby ointment and you name it. In addition, all those nice clothes for in the closet. Storage baskets for toys are also very handy, so the baby's room will be tidy in no time.
Decorating baby's room

Step 3: Is everything within reach?

Step three is the layout of the baby room, because it is so handy that all diapers, wipes, laundry basket and diaper pails are within reach when you are changing. You don't want to take a step too far and risk that the baby can roll off the changing table.

Step 4: The accessories of the baby room

Then the best part of the decorating baby's room: all accessories in the nursery! Think lighting, wall decoration and other accessories such as rugs and shelves.

Decorating baby's room with lighting

Go for soft, warm lighting in the baby's room. It is especially important that the lighting in the baby's room is not too bright, because the baby's eyes are still developing. With warm lighting you immediately create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
Decorating baby's room

Other accessories

There are a number of practical accessories that can come in handy in the baby's room, including shelves on the wall. Usually the baby's room is not the largest room so it is useful to work up along the wall. This way you can store even more baby items on the shelves.

In addition to the practical accessories, throws, pillows and anything soft are also nice to add to the baby's room. This way you can cuddle with the baby on a soft surface.

Decorating baby's room with wall decoration

To complete your baby's room, wall decoration is super cute to hang on the wall, think of posters, canvas paintings, wallpaper or wall circles. We have it all in our collection. Discover the children's wall decoration now!
Decorating baby's room

how do you go nursery to arrange?

We hope these tips have helped you and are curious how you nursery is going to set up. View our collection of wall decoration for the baby room here .