Accessoires badkamer

Have you just moved and are you looking for bathroom accessories inspiration? Or could your bathroom use some nice accessories to finish it off? We have different ideas when it comes to accessories (such as wall decoration) for the bathroom. We have compiled these ideas especially for you!

#1 Bathroom accessories: wall decoration

De bathroom might not be the first place you think of when you hear the word 'wall decoration'. But still this is all possible these days and it is completely hip. Wall decoration can the atmosphere in the bathroom finish up. In this way, the bathroom feel fine down to the last detail. And this is of course what you want, since the bathroom after all, it is the place where you can relax for a while.

There is a lot of different bathroom accessories that you in the bathroom could hang, but what we are aiming at now are (framed) paintings or posters. Now you might think: 'How do I keep wall decoration in a bathroom clean' and 'Doesn't it get ugly because of the vapor in the bathroom?' Do not be afraid! We have the solution for this.
Bathroom accessories
In addition to framed paintings or posters (which are easily removable anyway), we have perspex. Hereby the print printed directly on the back of the plexiglass. Plexiglas can withstand moisture well and can even be hung outside! Plexiglass has no border (like a frame) and you can easily keep it clean. This way your painting or poster will remain beautiful and this way it is wall decoration so extremely suitable for the bathroom

#2 Scented sticks and scented candles 

Smell is super important. When your bathroom smells good, you walk in much nicer. There are many different fragrance products available, such as fragrance sprays, fragrance sticks and scented candles. Find your favorite scent (and shape) and put this as accessory in the bathroom. Looks great and smells good too! Tip: if you find it difficult to find your favorite scent, you can look at 'natural' stores. Here you will find many different neutral and natural scents, which are not too dominant and are certainly suitable as a scent in the bathroom

#3 Soap pumps or blocks of soap

Other nice bathroom accessories are soap dispensers or blocks of soap. There are many different brands that have products with a luxurious appearance in soap form. It looks very nice and cared for, but is also very handy.

#4 Mirrors as bathroom accessories 

The bathroom accessories that of course can not be missing is the mirror! Mirrors are a must have. The larger the mirror, the more spacious the bathroom seems in most cases. You just have to have the space for it. There are many different types of mirrors and it just depends on what kind of atmosphere you have in the bathroom want to create. Mirrors play a large part in this. You can go for a subtle mirror, without borders and as clean as possible. Or for a robust mirror with a coarse edge. 
Bathroom accessories

#5 Bath mat 

Bathroom accessories which are very nice to be in the bathroom to have are bath mats. A bath mat is great to stand on when you get out of the shower and prevents the floor from getting wet. It is also nice and soft to get up when you are working in front of the mirror. Bath mats come in many different shapes and sizes. Choose a nice one that matches the interior of your bathroom fits to top it all off! Tip: choose a bath mat with a non-slip layer on the bottom, so that you do not slip on it. 

#6 Plants or (dry) flowers

For some extra oxygen and a cool decoration, you can use plants and / or (dry) flowers as bathroom accessories. Plants have a serene and fresh appearance and flowers make a person completely happy. It makes the bathroom a lot more fun anyway. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you can make the plant or the bunch of flowers as big as you want! Place the plant in a cool pot (matching the atmosphere in the bathroom) and the flowers in a beautiful, trendy vase, for the perfect picture! Of course you can also take a look at our flowers en plant wall decoration collection, so you never have to worry about these accessories!

Color palette for the bathroom 

Do you find it difficult to make choices for the colors of the bathroom accessories? We recommend that you put together a color palette before you start. For example: anthracite grey, white and beige. So you can do all accessoiries in these colors to make it a beautiful whole. You can make a mood board in addition to a color palette to make it visual for yourself. Stick things on the mood board that appeal to you, such as certain materials and prints

Fan of wall decoration as bathroom accessories?

Are you just as a fan as we are of paintings or other wall decorations as bathroom accessories? Then take here take a look at our collections, to choose your favorite!