Lampen en lichten slaapkamer

You can go many different directions with bedroom lighting. The main questions when choosing a lamp or light are the following three: “What atmosphere do you want to create?” and: “What do you need the lights for?” and “What goes well with the rest of the interior?”. To inspire you, we have listed various lamps and lights with the benefits for you.

Which lights are there?

of atmospheremaybe to bright light and from warm to a cooler lightthere are many different types lights. When choosing bedroom lighting, you look at the atmosphere you want to create and what you need the light for. In addition, you view the shade of the light, which allows you to match what you like with light and the rest of the interior. 

Which species Lights are there?

There are many different categories Lights and various options. This is how you have the next bedroom lighting commonly used:

  • GroinLights
  • Twilightamps
  • standing Lights
  • WallLights 
  • commercials 
  • ReadLights


There are people who choose a practical ceiling lamp in the bedroom, but 9 out of 10 times there is a cool hanginglamp on the ceiling. Of course you have a lot of different types and styles in this. We recommend a hanglamp opt for a real eye-catcher in the bedroom. Whether your bedroom is very large or smaller, an eye-catcher as bedroom lighting always does it right! 


DuskLights are common in bedrooms. They can often be found on bedside tables next to the bed, or on other accessories, such as a side table or a small table. at duskLights is often a not very bright light, but a little nicer light. These lights are very handy to turn on when you want to create atmosphere and don't feel like the bigger light of headlamp, also hanging lamp, on the ceiling. 

standing Lights

standing Lights can also be very cozy for creating atmosphere, but are often used for creating more light in the bedroom. standing Lights are available in all shapes and sizes. From a robust wooden base with a large Lightshood, to a subtle foot with a small light. Find the standing lamp that matches your interior. 


WallLights can be very nice! You often see them on the wall on both sides of the bed, or at a random spot on the wall, to create more light. In addition, wallLights of course more atmospherelight, when you have one less bright light in stops. 


Spots are very useful types Lights and an addition for the bedroom. They are built-in, so they take up little space. Often spots are a bit brighter and they are there for more light to bring into space. In many cases, spotlights are used to illuminate something purposefully, such as a work of art. see here our artworks, in case you're getting an idea right now! You can also focus spotlights on a specific piece of furniture, such as on the bed or above a mirror.

ReadLights in the bedroom

If you like to read, it is useful to have a reading lamp in the bedroom to have. There are several options for this, but a common one is the reading light hanging next to the bed (on both sides for a nice effect). You can put different lights in here. Go for a bright, but not too bright light. Otherwise it will hurt your eyes when you read.

Have you found your bedroom lighting?

We hope our bedroom lighting has helped you inspiration! If you are interested in a cool work of art because of the commercials? then click here