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Do you have a new home or would you like to brighten up your interior? Then furniture and accessories can do a lot, but with a daring wallpaper your living room will immediately have a new look! Take a look at the different options and get wallpaper inspiration for the living room us. 

Wallpaper inspiration: the entire wall

Do you have a boring wall that could use some color or a print? Then you can of course choose to wallpaper the entire wall. This way you create a real eye-catcher in the living room. There are of course many different options when you choose wallpaper. Below you can find a few:

Plain wallpaper or texture
Choose a plain wallpaper or go for a lively one living room with a subtle or busy print. Do you have a large living room? Then you can go for that coarse dark wallpaper. For a smaller living room, it is better to go for light colors with more subtle patterns. For example, the small living room will look a bit big.

Neutral or a busy print
Are you going with the
wallpaper inspiration trends or do you want to take less risk? Nowadays, the natural jungle wallpapers full of bamboo and palm trees are all the rage. But you can of course also go for neutral patterns that are less sensitive to the trends and still give your living room atmosphere. 
Wallpaper inspiration

Make wallpaper panelling

Paneling simply means papering only the bottom or top of the wall. This is a huge trend in wall decoration, and gives a modern effect to your living room. With the following steps you will have a nice paneling in your living room in no time:

  1. Choose a nice print.
  2. Think about the height you want the wallpaper to be.
  3. Coat the wallpaper with wallpaper glue.
  4. Place the wallpaper on the wall.
  5. Finish it off with skirting boards!

Wallpaper inspiration

Wallpaper inspiration: make wallpaper panel

Maybe you really like a busy wallpaper, but you don't dare to do this completely. Then wallpaper panels are the perfect solution for you. You can also make wallpaper panels as large or small as you want, ideal! You can also easily move this panel if you're tired of it. With the following steps you can create your unique wallpaper panel:

  1. Buy the wall panel.
  2. Sand the sides.
  3. Prime the panel.
  4. Coat the panel with wallpaper glue.
  5. Place the wallpaper and smooth it out.
  6. Cut the wallpaper to the perfect size with a utility knife.
Wallpaper inspiration

Wallpaper in a photo frame

Do you want a nice print on the wall, but don't you want to create a too busy room? Then go for a nice wallpaper in the photo frame. When you use a photo frame, you can easily switch between prints and sizes. Photo frames come in many different sizes! Tip! Take a look at our poster collection And maybe there's a nice print for you in here!
Wallpaper inspiration

Wallpaper inspiration: match it with your decoration

How nice is it to have your wallpaper come back as decoration. For example, you can combine a wallpaper panel with the same wallpaper in a photo frame somewhere else in the living room. This way your living room will always be matchy!

Wallpaper inspiration gained?

Now that you have had several examples of how to apply wallpaper in the living room, you can get started! For more home inspiration, take a look at our blog page!

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