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Is the Belgian national team top favorite to win the European Championship 2021? That is the big question at the European Championship 2021. But it can be answered very quickly. The answer is no, this is France by far. But why is the Belgian national team considered one of the top favorites? We will answer that question in this blog. 

The weapons of the Belgian national team

The Belgians headed by Roberto Martínez generally have a great selection. They have players who play at the highest level in the Spanish, Italian and English league. Almost every top player in Belgium has had a top season at their own club. 

Super striker of Belgium

Romelu Lukaku really had an exceptional season at Inter. He managed to make the blue/black striped champion again after 10 years with his 24 goals and 9 assists. In addition, he has already scored 62 times for Belgium in 94 matches. That is a guarantee for a large number of goals at the European Championship for the striker. Lukaku is known for his impressive physique, but is also surprisingly quick and very efficient in front of goal. This makes him a complete striker who makes it difficult for any defense. 

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Playmaker of the Belgian national team

Kevin de Bruyne is the midfield leader for the Belgian national team. The 29-year-old Belgian was named the best player in the Premier League this season and last season. If you manage to do that twice in a row in the toughest competition in the world, that says enough about you as a player. 

The tall keeper

Then goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. The tree-tall goalkeeper has been one of the best goalkeepers in the world for many years. He has had a somewhat more difficult period since his transfer to Real Madrid, but has completely recovered after a lesser year. He was therefore partly responsible for Real Madrid being able to participate in the title fight for so long. With his height, there are few balls he can't reach.

Club top scorer from Naples 

Then of course there is also Dries Mertens. The little Belgian attacker is seen as a god in Naples. He managed to take the goal record from Marek Hamsik and now stands at 135 goals for the Neapolitans. He is the club's all-time top scorer. With his attacking qualities, he is dangerous for any defence.

The solid defense of Belgium

With defenders like Boyata, Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, the Belgians have a very solid defense that is difficult to break down. They always ensure that the heart of the defense is in good shape and form the foundation of the team. 

Where is the weakness of the Red Devils?

The great weakness of the Belgian national team is the relatively thin selection and the injury has fallen. The Belgians have real world top players for many positions, but in some places, such as on the backs, they are still short of good players. In addition, there is no good back-up for the world top players who are in the field. There are of course substitutes, only these are qualitatively a lot worse than players like Hazard, Lukaku and De Bruyne. 

Moreover, the top players often suffer from injuries. They get injured quickly, which can break Belgium up in the final rounds. For example, a player like Eden Hazard has had 2 injuries in 12 seasons for Real Madrid. As a result, he has already missed 59 games for the club. With De Bruyne the situation is less extreme. But he has also missed around 3 games in the past 40 seasons due to injuries. 

The success of the Belgian national team is therefore largely dependent on the fitness of the top players. As long as they manage to stay fit until the knockout rounds, Belgium has a good chance of reaching the final and maybe even winning.

So make sure you're in front of the tube on the following dates!

  • June 12 / 21:00 PM Belgium - Russia (3-0)
  • June 17 / 18:00 PM Denmark - Belgium
  • June 21 / 21:00 PM Finland - Belgium

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