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Do you want a nice one buy art posters to fill in the bare walls and create some atmosphere? You can't think of it as crazy or you can hang a poster on it! In the bedroom, living room, children's room, bathroom, toilet, fitness room or office.

There are different materials that you can go for, each with their own effect. Why choose a poster instead of plexiglass or canvas? We are happy to explain it to you. Be here five benefits of art posters compared to the other materials!

1. Art posters with or without a frame?

Art poster on the wall
When purchasing our art posters you get the option to have them delivered framed. This is an advantage over the canvas and plexiglass paintings that Walljar sells; these cannot be framed! This leaves only the posters with the option of a list. And we are not going to beat around the bush: a framed work of art hangs chic and sleek on the wall.


2. Art posters relatively cheap

When we look at the prices of plexiglass, canvas and posters, posters are one much cheaper then plexiglass and canvas. This is because the material that plexiglass and canvas are made of is a lot more expensive than that of a poster. Is it time to give your interior a new touch and are you looking for affordable art? Then art posters are the perfect choice for you!

3. Easily hang your art posters

Compared to plexiglass and canvas, art posters are much easier to hang. You don't have to drill or use a difficult hanging system to get your poster on the wall. When you order a framed poster, of course it takes a little more!

4. Matte vs Gloss

There are several reasons for Walljar's matte finish of her posters. The first reason is that in addition to glossy plexiglass, we also offer you the option to buy a matte finish. In addition, matte art posters are much less likely to suffer from dust or fingerprints! A wall poster also has more sharpness and depth on a matte background; this makes the poster lifelike!

5. Quality art posters

At Walljar, we don't just sell a printed poster or other junk that doesn't look like it after a while. No, on the contrary! We always want to deliver the best quality to our customers at all times. This also applies to our art posters. This poster is 240 grams satin, which means that we have the highest quality deliver when it comes to art posters. The posters are printed according to the highest print standards in the Netherlands. You will see this immediately when you receive the poster! 

Walljar's wide collection of art posters

Are posters the material for you? Top! An extensive collection of original and unique art posters is waiting for you, view our entire collection here !