Binnenkijken interieur

She lives in a nice house from the 60s, which first had to be renovated and refurbished. Her interior is a combination of a modern and rural living style. She also loves wooden furniture and this is reflected in the entire interior. Take a look inside Rebecca's house!

A semi-detached house in Doenrade

Rebecca is 47 years old and lives with her husband, dog and cat in the far south in a village called Doenrade. When they bought the house it was still completely in the style of the 60s with brown doors, a blue bathroom, a green shower and laths on the ceilings. There was a lot to do and it was quite a challenge, but Rebecca and her husband took this challenge with both hands! 
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Rebecca's living style

Rebecca's living style has changed in recent years. It started with a sleek and modern living style and now it is mainly a rural living style. This is also reflected in the interior: her living style now consists of a combination of the sleek and modern living style with the rural living style. “In the meantime, the living style has changed so much that we have switched from a white high-gloss kitchen to a matt black kitchen with a wood profile. The kitchen was still in good condition, so new was not an option, but hubby has achieved this by customizing and replacing the side panels and the fronts." pure and sturdy look and the warm atmosphere that wood gives. 
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Furnishing the house based on light incidence

We asked Rebecca how she started furnishing her house: 'When furnishing our house, I focused very much on the incidence of light. The existing extension was divided into two areas and there were differences in level. We removed the walls and frames that were in between and made the floors the same height. By placing two large sliding doors, we have created optimum incidence of light and set up the dining room on this spot.' In addition, Rebecca gets a lot of inspiration in various furniture stores and via Instagram. 
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Color palette: concrete floor and wooden furniture

Rebecca's color palette has changed over the years. 'Partly due to the incidence of light and the change in style, I have arrived at the current color palette. With the arrival of the robust oak dining table, old wooden sideboard and beige sofa, I thought it was time to replace the wood-colored laminate. This has become a concrete-look laminate to make the wooden furniture stand out more. In the end I would really like to have a real concrete floor, but this is a drastic change in view of the wooden subfloor.'
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Rebecca's favorite place in the house

'I think my favorite place in the house is the dining room. The dining room is the connection between the kitchen and the living room and offers a view of the garden through the 2 disc doors and if you sit on the other side of the table you have an overview of the kitchen and the living room.'
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Favorite home decor

Rebecca doesn't really have a favorite home decor. 'It is more the combination that I can make with some items that makes me very happy. And that is actually quite often with the items I already have and by simply styling them in a different place in a different setting.'

Tips for choosing wall decoration

We asked Rebecca what she pays attention to when it comes to wall decoration: 'When choosing wall decoration, I think color, material and size are important. The wall decoration must complement the place I have in mind, so that it enhances the atmosphere I want to create.'
(The posters and paintings in this photo from left to right: Wild Water Coast, Breathe, Faro - Portugal)

Last styling tip: calm basics

The last styling tip from Rebecca is: 'My tip for interior styling is that you provide a calm base that fits together and then accentuate your style with accessories.'


On Instagram you know Rebecca as Beccie because she thought that sounded more fun. Follow her account @houselove_74 for lots of home inspiration!