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They immediately fell in love with this beautiful 2 hairdressers on the water with unobstructed views, and decided to take the opportunity with both hands and go for this house! Her interior consists of a calm color palette with mainly white, brown tones or black. Take a look at Mandy's home!

A newly built house in Houten

Mandy lives with her husband, their three teenage sons and their labradoodle Pip in a semi-detached house in Houten. They had just lived in a new house in Houten for three years when the neighborhood was built next to them. They instantly fell in love with the beautiful waterfront 2 hairdressers with unobstructed views that were being built there, so they decided to pack up again and go for it! 
look inside interior(The posters in the photo: C'est La VieSparkly Leaf StampMoroccan Temple)

Experience the seasons consciously

They have now lived here for 10 years and like the house very well! Mandy explains: 'Living by the water means that you consciously experience the seasons. In the summer the boys swim here, in the winter we can skate on our water if all goes well and in the spring it is bursting with little ducks.' 

The base is white with natural materials

We asked how Mandy would describe her living style: 'My living style is difficult to describe. It's a little bit of everything. But what I find beautiful often goes well together! The base of the house is white supplemented with many natural materials. I like home accessories from Morocco, but this needs to be supplemented with some cool colors such as black.'
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Interior as a hobby

After Mandy started Instagram, she became much more involved in interior design. It is a nice hobby for her. 'I am often shifting around the house! I love that! I also often adjust my house when the seasons change. A little more brown in the autumn, a lot of white and rattan in the summer and a touch of black in the winter.'
look inside interior(The poster in the photo: Back Line Art)

New, second-hand and DIY

An interior has to grow, says Mandy. 'Over time we have collected a lot of stuff from travelling, but in addition to shopping for new items, I also like second-hand and DIY stuff. Buying everything at once from a store would have less value to me.'
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White and natural colors

Color is not for Mandy. 'I've tried it once, but it makes me restless, haha. So I gave up on that. I just think white and natural are the best in the house and it looks calm. With five people and a dog, our house is already busy!'

Your favorite place in the house

My favorite place in the house is the sitting area. I really enjoy watching our programs there in the evening with the whole family on the couch! My favorite home decorations are the stuff I brought with me from travelling! Especially the stuff I brought from Morocco is a favorite of mine, they will never leave the house! 

Matching colors

When I buy wall decoration, I especially pay attention that it matches the color of the rest of the house. Sometimes it also depends on the season what I have on the wall, but here too I almost always end up with white, brown tones or black. When I select several lists together, I also make sure that they match well.
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One last styling tip: warmth and cosiness

In terms of styling tip, I would recommend making your home cozy with rugs, pillows, fur and blankets. Especially when, like me, you have a lot of white in your house, this makes it warm and cosy! And that's exactly what I think is important! Cozy at home! 

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