Binnenkijken interieur

She lives in a nice single-family home in Vleuten. Her interior does not really have one specific living style, but mainly consists of nude and natural tones with a touch of gold. Take a look inside Desirée's home!

A single-family home in Vleuten

Desirée is 44 years old and lives with her husband Robbie in the village of Vleuten, a neighborhood in Utrecht. They live in a nice single-family house, a terraced house, and are the very first residents of this rental house that was completed in 2007.
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Boho Ibiza, rural Marrakech and a little bit of Bali

We asked Desirée to describe her living style: 'I don't really have one specific living style, I find so many things beautiful and I often combine them. I make sure that it never gets too busy, that gives me more peace of mind, because I don't want to be overstimulated by too much stuff at home. When I go shopping I often ask myself the following questions:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I have a nice place for it?

My style of living is a mix of boho-ibiza, rural Marrakech with a touch of Bali in natural basic shades. '
Look inside interior(The posters in the photo: Back Line Art)

Dare to take risks

Before Desirée came up with this style, she tried a few things out: 'Gosh, that took some time before I came to the style we have now. When we came to live here we had everything dark colonial. Over the years it has gone from dark to light, from green and ocher walls to light, taupe and beige tones… and even a touch of metallic gold. Sometimes you just have to dare and I now know that I was very save with furnishing and decorating. Now I think out of the box and if I don't like it? Then the white brush goes over it and I start again, it's that simple! '
Look inside interior(The posters in the photo: Feminine Line Art)

Color palette: nude and natural shades

Nowadays Desirée goes for nude and natural, but this color palette has also grown: 'I increasingly came to the core of the peace that I wanted to create here in the house, because the harder cool colors were not the colors that really suited me. You can actually think of it as peeling an onion, layer by layer…until you get to the right core.'

'White is the basis and I kept coming back to that, together with the wooden furniture and the wooden floor. I started to combine the nude and natural shades, softer tones in the house that can be used all year round without irritating me too much. I am also someone who quickly gets bored of many things, so that walls quickly got a different color or wallpaper. Now I'm sticking with this color palette, I like it!'

Your favorite place in the house 

'My favorite place in the house is our bedroom. The colours, the tranquility, the location, the incidence of light, everything is right! We partly made the canopy bed ourselves, the bed is from Ikea, we built the canopy around it. Here we have applied the same color palette. On the other side of the bedroom we have wallpaper with a gold pattern in it. The gold comes back somewhere in the house, so it stays quiet. 
Look inside interiorMy second favorite place is our attic room, which is also a guest room and it has already had all the colors. We tackled the attic room last year. Here we made a sliding wall over the entire length and repainted and styled everything. The color that is available now is the nicest color, plus that it also works better for me, because I have my workplace in the attic. This is where I make my Moon cards and home necklaces. '

Fave home decoration

We asked Desirée what her favorite home decoration is: 'My most favorite home decoration is now the Indian framework of 185 cm by 100,5 cm, which I received for my birthday recently. This beautiful old processed wood gives our home so much character and it makes it its own. In addition, the candlesticks, the beautiful old jug or wooden mortar are also favorite items.'
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Wall decoration that suits you as a person

'I finish it off with wall decoration, not too much in the living room, here I prefer as little as possible on the wall. Now there are hanging next to the large basic canvas, some extra canvases that fit perfectly. Various items are now hanging in the bedroom and attic, including lists with art prints, so I alternate these every now and then.

When purchasing wall decoration, I mainly pay attention to the place (or places) where I want it. Can I hang it up in several rooms and decorate it with the rest, does it fit in the whole or with us as a person? If it doesn't fit, then it's a no-go.'
Look inside interior(The posters in the photo: Feminine Line Art, Growth en Back Line Art)

Last styling tip: keep the base calm

We asked Desirée for one last styling tip: 'Keep the basics calm. Take a good basis with regard to furniture, also dare to put down a large sofa instead of all small pieces of furniture. Especially in a smaller house, this makes your house mature. Too much smaller furniture often makes it too busy.'

Create your own trend!

'Then the accessories: with a color on the wall or wallpaper, plants and candles you create atmosphere. For example, place a beautiful item in your home that makes it your own. Don't pay too much attention to the trends in the stores. Create your own trend, nothing is too crazy!

Can't see the forest for the trees anymore? Then remove everything, leave the basic furniture and then put back the items that you would like to have around you one by one. And that sometimes also means that you really have to declutter.'

Create a Yin-Yang feeling

'I think a house should really grow around you and that can take several years. Our house was newly built but now has the atmosphere and character of a nice home for us. It's warm and cozy with a good base. I must have a kind of Yin-Yang feeling, because that gives me peace.'

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