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Blue: it is the color of the sky and the sea and stands for loyalty, wisdom and self-confidence! It is a color that is beautiful to reflect in wall decoration. So are you looking for a blue wall decoratione? Then the Blue Summer gallery wall is just the thing for you! Bring the summer into your home with the Photo wall Blue Summer

De blue wall decoration in this photo wall

The beautiful shades of blue give a wonderful summer feeling. The photography art in combination with a typography poster is super cool in this gallery wall. The following designs have been used in this gallery wall:

The Love

This neutral design strikes a good balance between the blue wall decoration colors and the black accents in the interior. The text on this print means love, so hang some more love on your walls with the design of ''The Love

Blue wall decoration 2

Blue wall decoration: Blue Ocean

Blue oceans give peace of mind because of the deep colors. Photography art is always a great idea to convey a feeling. When you see this blukewarm wall decoration hanging on your wall, there will be a relaxed atmosphere in your home. hang the print ''Blue ocean''Now on the wall as a framed poster.

Blue wall decoration 2

Bring the summer into your home with Palm Sky

In addition to the ocean, palm trees also give a real holiday atmosphere at home. Give your home a relaxed vibe with the print ''Palm Sky† Or maybe you have a very nice holiday snapshot that you would like to see in this gallery wall? Then send it to and we will create a custom order for you!

Blue wall decoration 2

Moroccan vibes with Mosaic Tiles

The Moroccan tiles will decorate this photo wall with blue wall decoration finish completely. The colored tiles are a nice addition to the blue colors. Of ''Mosaic Tiles'' you definitely keep up with the wall decoration trends!

Blue wall decoration 2

Create a photo wall

Making a photo wall can sometimes be quite difficult, that's why we have a whole page full of inspiration† As soon as you have found a nice one, you can click on the image and you will arrive at the designs of the gallery wall. This will make it a lot easier to buy the gallery wall. Tip! A gallery wall is best made with framed posters. This way you can easily create a different atmosphere in your home with different posters per season. This gallery wall will be perfect for the summer!

final touches

Let the black tones of the photo frames and lines in the designs reappear in your interior. A black chair and a black cushion have been used here. In addition, it is always nice to add a plant. The natural color green matches very well with the blue wall decoration!

Buy your blue wall decoration now with this gallery wall!

Shop the entire Blue Summer photo wall now, and let your interior shine!

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