Bloemen wanddecoratie

Flowers: they smell nice, they look cheerful and cozy and they immediately make everyone happy. Of course it looks beautiful in nature or in a vase in the room, but it is also very suitable for hanging on your wall. At Walljar we have an extensive flower collection. Our floral wall decoration immediately gives any room a warm and attractive appearance. You can read all about it in this blog!

Close-up wall decoration

If you look very closely at flowers, they are like works of art. Each type of flower has its own color, different shapes and sizes. So hang a close-up like floral wall decoration on! This is how you see this close up Sunflower and with this one Hydrangea Blue the dew is still on the beautiful colored leaves. Colorful works of art that immediately make you happy, of course you want that hanging on your wall!

Floral wall decoration

Black and white floral wall decoration

next to our floral wall decoration which we offer in different patterns, colors and sizes, we also have black and white floral wall decoration! Because the flowers are black and white, the focus is on the beautiful shape of the flower and the details are more noticeable. This is how you see this Asiatic Lily Red the lines of the flower very beautiful and at the close-up White Flower the pistils and stigmas are very noticeable because of the gray tones.

Floral wall decoration

Ohara Koson posters

Ohara Koson was a Japanese painter and designer of woodblock prints of various species of birds and flowers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This Japanese method of printing the birds and flowers through carvings is called kachō-e. At Walljar we offer various wall decorations from Ohara Koson. For example, the Asian artworks Lotus flower en Water lily your interior a chic look.

Floral wall decoration

Wall circles

It is a new trend that is increasingly visible in many interiors: wall circles. At Walljar we have an extensive range of wall circles with floral prints on them. For example, the wall circle with still life with flowers van De Heem or de White flowers van Eelkema not only has beautiful flowers on your wall at home, but it is also a work of art and an eye-catcher! That's special floral wall decoration

Floral wall decoration

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Cherry blossom

Spring is here again, the sky is clear blue and there are cherry blossoms on the branches again! Of course you want this wonderfully cheerful feeling on your wall. This one Cherry Blossom II has cheerful colors and immediately brings with it the refreshing feeling of the upcoming spring. Cherry Blossom wall decoration in black and white is also available, such as this one Cherry Blossom Closeup en Cherry Blossom III. Choose your favorite Cherry Blossom and hang it on your wall!

Floral wall decoration

Illustrations flowers

In addition to all the realistic floral wall decoration, we also have beautiful drawings of flowers. That's how you see it with this one Syringa vulgaris the beautiful purple lilacs are illustrated. Or with this one Rose Lucinda even the thorns are drawn! These drawings, illustrated in detail, give the flowers a slightly different look, which is perfect for any wall.

Floral wall decoration

Hang your favorite floral wall decoration on!

At Walljar we offer a wide range floral wall decoration in different shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you go for a close-up, black and white flowers, an Asian artwork by Ohara Koson, wall circles with a floral print, cherry blossom or illustrated flowers: it all brings atmosphere, coziness and warmth to every room.