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Flower wallpaper in the house often thinks of old-fashioned graphic works reminiscent of your grandparents' house. Not something for a modern interior. But nothing could be further from the truth. We show that in this blog! 

The flowers in!

A beautiful and fine interior is becoming increasingly important for many people. We are looking for atmosphere, cheerfulness and we also see more and more nature in the house. This is of course possible by means of plants and natural materials, but also with floral print. Flowers are all the rage right now! 

You see it in prints on, for example, crockery, wallpaper and textiles. But we are also seeing it more and more in wall decoration. floral wallpaper from now on is very modern and suits different living styles, because there are so many different designs. At Waljjar you will find floral wall decoration in different variants, such as floral wallpaper, posters and wall circles. Choose what suits you! Below we explain a number of our designs per material type. 

Floral wallpaper as wall decoration

Do you want floral wallpaper add to your minimalist home? Then opt for a calm print in light and natural colours. This keeps the basis in line with your interior style, but you still add a more exciting element. Wallpaper that fits nicely with this Waterfall Of Roses† The gray and white print has a nice and increasingly lighter gradient. A beautiful minimalist floral wallpaper

Are you looking for a print with more colour? Consider, for example, self-adhesive photo wallpaper Roses of Love† A beautiful design with beautiful colors with a dark background. We think this design will look great in a colorful or darker interior. 

floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper

The most beautiful flower posters

Do you think floral wallpaper too intense? Then choose posters with floral designs in a frame or on a poster hanger! Here again we show two examples. One for a quieter or minimalist interior and one for lovers of a darker or more colorful interior. Rosa Moyesii we opted for a minimalist interior. Minimalist does not equal no color of course! The wild roses of this design stand out beautifully against the light background. The counterpart is Still Life With Flowers by De Heem† A still life of a bouquet with different colored flowers and a dark base. 

floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper in circular shape

Wallpaper does not necessarily have to be in strips on the entire wall. You can also choose to wallpaper a certain part of the wall or you can choose one of our wall circles. Van Os - Flowers In Vase is a great example of how you can use floral print in an original modern way in your interior. Another floral print design is Garden Tulip by William Morris† A unique floral wallpaper design! 

floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper

Style it!

floral wallpaper, floral posters or floral wallpaper circles are beautiful eye-catchers for any interior. So you can very well keep the rest of your interior quiet. It can also be very nice to go for color and more floral prints! How about one of the colors from the print that you choose as the wall color? As a result, the design fits perfectly into your interior, which provides an extra stylish-looking space. 

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As you can see, you have a lot of choice from different types of material to use floral print in your interior, including floral wallpaper† Are you convinced? Then shop quickly walljar.com