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The bookshelf: it is not only functional, but it can also look very nice. It is more than just a shelf where many books can be placed, you can also let your personal style emerge. With these bookshelf ideas below you can make your bookshelf the showpiece of the room!

Tip 1: Position of the bookshelf

It is important to think carefully about the position of the bookshelf. By hanging the bookshelf too high, you have less overview and the books and any decorative pieces are not clearly visible. Nice places to hang the bookshelf are: above your bed, above your desk or couch or opposite the entrance of the room so that the shelf can be seen immediately when you enter! You can also hang several bookshelves together to create a kind of wall rack.
Bookshelf Ideas

Tip 2: Organize books

There are many ways to organize the books on your bookshelf. For example, you can arrange the books in alphabetical order or sort by author. Another, but certainly a nice option, is to sort the books by color, for example, or to put the books backwards. Arranging them this way will give your bookshelf a refreshing and organized look. You can place your favorite book, which may be the showpiece of the shelf, the other way around so that only this cover is visible. This is how the book stands out. One last tip is to place the books alternately horizontally and vertically. The bookshelf ideas are endless!
Bookshelf Ideas

Tip 3: Calming look

You don't just have to fill a bookshelf with books. Precisely by not filling the shelf completely, the space does not look so cluttered and other things that you put on the shelf come into their own better. Consider, for example, decorative pieces, this provides variety and gives the bookshelf an organized and soothing look.

Tip 4: Bookshelf Ideas: decoration

Decoration can nicely complement a bookshelf for variety and give it a playful look. In addition to books, you can think of many attributes that can make the bookshelf even more fun. Think of a vase, plants, figurines, candles, framed photos or self-made works of art. You can not think of it so crazy, everything looks nice on a bookshelf. Make sure you don't put down too much, because this looks messy again.
Bookshelf Ideas

Tip 5: Personal touch

You can make the layout of your bookshelf as personal as you want! In addition to decoration that you can put down, you can also put a nice framed photo or a figurine that you have a beautiful memory of. Stuff like this with a story behind it ensures that the bookshelf gets a personal touch and that way you make it your own and unique!

Tip 6:  Bookshelf Ideas: posters

In addition to your own photos, you can also posters give a personal touch to your bookshelf. It is fun to put together several posters that vary in size and color. Choose two or more posters that you like and that go well together. This creates a playful, creative and fun effect!
Bookshelf Ideas

Last check for your own bookshelf ideas

You should now have arranged your bookshelf the way you like it! Now walk a few steps back and look at the bookshelf from a distance. Check carefully whether the balance between the books and all decoratie beats. Congratulations on your transformed and redesigned bookshelf!

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