Bohemian keuken

a bohemian kitchen is colourful, cheerful and incredibly cosy: it is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular living styles! Looking for inspiration? We are happy to tell you more about this traveler's living style and explain how you can create a bohemian kitchen yourself! 

What is bohemian? 

A bohemian kitchen and the living style is inspired by the free and independent life of travelers. The many elements that you see in this living style, from the cheerful colors to the various patterns and textures, come from all kinds of different countries or continents! 

A bohemian kitchen has natural materials and lots of light

The basis of a bohemian kitchen starts with natural materials. Materials that you often see in a bohemian kitchen are rattan, cane and wood. It is better to avoid dark materials such as metal and dark wood. 
bohemian cuisine

Lots of color in one bohemian kitchen

A bohemian kitchen always looks very cheerful because it is full of color. You can approach this use of color as you wish. Do you want to mix many colors, or go for a few basic colors? The most common colors in a bohemian kitchen are orange, yellow, red and pink. If you don't want to go crazy, choose warm ones, earthy colors. You can think of brown, beige, green or red. Of course you still want to be able to rest your eyes, so let the bright colors mainly come back in the decorations
bohemian cuisine

Tiles in one bohemian kitchen 

A nice element that you can bring back in your bohemian kitchenare tiles. Tiles are already very stylish to apply in the kitchen, but certainly in a bohemian kitchen this comes in handy. As we said, the bohemian style is inspired by traveler life. Patterns from the Far East therefore fit very well in a bohemian kitchen! How about a tiled wall, for example? Get inspiration from countries like Morocco, Cuba, Turkey, Africa or Indonesia!
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Add green to your bohemian kitchen

Something that is very characteristic of a bohemian living style, are the many plant. Green, green and more green! Now you don't need your bohemian kitchen filling with plants, you still want to be able to do your thing without the plants getting in your way. But we definitely recommend, for example, a few hanging plants or small plants in cute pots! 

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bohemian decorations

What you often see in a bohemian living style are special decorations. Think of tapestries, rugs, baskets or pillows. Now this is not something that can easily make you come back in a bohemian kitchen. But a rug with a unique pattern would go very well with it, as well as beautiful ceramic pots or bohemian wall decorations

Wall decoration for one bohemian cuisine

A bohemian kitchen is, as we said above, a bit more difficult to decorate than, for example, a living room. Fortunately, there are plenty of wall decorations to be found that fit incredibly well with a bohemian kitchen! We have listed the most beautiful collections for you that will hang perfectly in your bohemian kitchen

Over the world

As we said is a bohemian kitchen and living style inspired by the life of a traveller. This is the reason that you see so many worldly elements in this style, such as the colors, patterns and textures. If you really want to bring back that traveler feeling, our Morocco collection definitely worth a look! 

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Our abstract collection is full of beautiful abstract paintings that will hang perfectly in your bohemian kitchen. The warm colors in combination with the natural materials and green plants give you bohemian kitchen a lovely atmosphere! 

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A bohemian living style is full of color. Do you find it difficult to apply color in your bohemian kitchen, or if you want to add even more color, consider our botanical paintings

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Food & drinks

Food and drinks paintings always fit well in a kitchen, so also in a bohemian kitchen! From colorful food designs to your favorite drinks, there is bound to be something to suit your taste bohemian kitchen to decorate! 

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Good luck setting up your bohemian kitchen

I hope you have enough inspiration and you can get started decorating your bohemian kitchen. Are you looking for nice decorations? Find out here our entire range!