Bohemian interieur

The bohemian living style is inspired by people who have chosen to lead an unlimited life, such as travelers, actors and writers. The bohemian living style reflects this lifestyle by displaying objects, colors and patterns from different parts of the world. If you're looking for a style that you can really make your own, this interior might just be for you! 

bohemian colors

Although there are no rules when it comes to bohemian decoration, warm earth tones are most common. Think of deep brown, green and gray as basic colors, which you can combine with purple, orange or blue accessories. You can mix different patterns and textures. This way you can easily create the basis for a bohemian living style!
Bohemian living style

bohemian decorations

A bohemian living style is characterized by the many special decorations. Often it is decorated with tapestries, area rugs, woven baskets, cushions and many plants! Do you want a little quieter products? Then you can go for natural colors with accents of gold or silver. Crochet pillows or decorations with fringes also fit perfectly! 

You can do one bohemian living style make it as crazy as you want. This way you can mix different colours, patterns and materials. Get inspiration from countries such as Morocco, Cuba, Turkey, Africa or Indonesia. Bohemian is a mix of new and second-hand items. Vintage therefore fits perfectly in a bohemian living style

Collections that match a bohemian living style

Do you want to make your bohemian living style even more fun with wall decoration? Get some inspiration! These are a few of our collections that go well with it. 


A signature element in bohemian interiors is vintage. That's why you can't go wrong with getting vintage prints at home. Our vintage cities of vintage football collection would therefore fit perfectly in your boho home! 

Over the world

A bohemian interior has decorations, colors and textures from all over the world. Our wall decoration from the collection Africa of Asia therefore also fit well in a bohemian living style

Plants and flowers

Green is a great addition in a bohemian living style. If you are not very good with keeping your plants alive, then plant wall decoration the perfect solution. Also colorful flowers look good in a boho interior!
Bohemian living style

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