Bohemian slaapkamer inrichten

Create the look of this cool photo wall in a bohemian bedroom. In addition, we also discuss which accessories and furniture you need to make decorating a bohemian bedroom as easy as possible!

The designs in this gallery wall

The four designs in this gallery wall all come from the boho vibes collection. In this collection you will find the nicest bohemian posters. 

Dahlia - 40 x 60 cm

• Calm - 30 x 45 cm

Helianthus Annuus - 40 x 60 cm

• All We Have Is Now - 30 x 45 cm

Step 1: use of color on the walls

Decorating a bohemian bedroom is best done with light colors on the wall. For example, many people opt for a white wall and also use many accessories. We like to see a beige or light yellow wall so that the posters come into their own. 

Decorating a Bohemian bedroom

Step 2: furnish a bohemian bedroom with furniture

The bed is actually the most important thing in a bogemian bedroom, make sure it is a comfortable bed. A four-poster bed always looks good in this interior. In addition, you can fill your entire bed with nice plaids, blankets and pillows. The more the better! 

In addition to a bed, rattan cabinets or lamps are also a nice addition to this interior. With the natural colors of wood you create that real boho atmosphere! 

Decorating a Bohemian bedroom

Step 3: the accessories to complete the boho atmosphere

In a bohemian bedroom, many influences from different countries are combined. This way you can easily store your souvenirs in this interior. Wooden baskets, candles, rattan wall decoration, flowers and handmade items These are the accessories that fit well with this interior. So mix and match everything!
Bohemian bedroom furnishing (2)

Which poster will you use to decorate your bohemian bedroom?

Choose your favorite poster from the boho vibes collection and show us how the poster shines in your interior with the #walljar!

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