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Green in the house is always a good idea! That's why green is one of our favorite colors to designs to do with it. In addition to designs, the green photo walls are also a favorite. With a green photo wall you will have a b . in no timeotanic interior created! How? You can read that in this blog.

Bring nature to life in your home

With a botanical interior you surround yourself in a green environment. The living style is characterized by botanical designs, natural materials such as reed, rattan and wood and of course many plants!

Botanical interior

Step 1: Favorite pots, plants and shades of green

Grab your favorite shade of green and look for the nicest nature paintings. We have collections full of trees, forests, landscapes and botanical designs. Of course these fit perfectly in your future botanical interior† So take a look at the collections below:

In this collection you will find nature posters of all kinds of forests: coniferous forests, deciduous forests and rainforests. A forest poster will look great in a botanical interior!

The most beautiful mountain photography can be found in this collection. There will be something for everyone. Which one deserves a nice place in your house?

During the botanical interior landscape posters can of course not be missed. The landscape posters show the most beautiful places our world has to offer.

The palm tree posters are super popular and look great in a botanical interior† Here you will find close ups from palm trees to tropical beaches in the most beautiful colors. 

Green is always a good color to create a natural style in your living room. Mix and match the plant posters for a beautiful gallery wall.

Botanical interior

Step 2: The nicest quotes or line art on the wall

for your botanical interior not to worry too much, combine the botanical posters with some simplistic posters with quotes or line art. Is your favorite quote not listed? No problem! Have it custom made by one of our designers.

Botanical interior

Step 3: Get inspiration in terms of formation

The formation of a gallery wall can sometimes be quite difficult. So get inspired by our photo walls page† This way you will find out quickly enough which formation is in your botanical interior suits. 

Must-read: read here about the best different formations.

In addition to the above tips, we have also listed a number of botanical photo walls for more inspiration:

Step 4: Start drilling!

The best step: make your botanical interior complete and hang the framed posters on the wall. Add some plants, pots and cushions and you have your unique one botanical interior created. Have you made a nice gallery wall with the designs from our collection? Send us your photo or tag us in your post! 

Check out our nature photo walls!

Prefer to buy a ''ready-made'' gallery wall? That is of course also possible! Then take a look at our photo walls page and make your botanical interior complete.