Botanische kunst

Are you looking for colorful art to brighten up your home or office? Then you're with botanical art entirely right. Botanical art radiates warmth and cosiness and is therefore ideal for different spaces!

Botanical collection 

De botanical collection consists of all kinds of posters and prints. What all art has in common is that it works well to brighten up your home or office. In the botanical collection you will find all kinds of things, such as (busy) floral prints and some graceful flowers, but also beautiful large green leaves and plants (for a calmer effect).

Where do I hang the botanical art collection on?

De botanical art collection can be used in many spaces, as there are many different prints in the collection and plants and flowers are always easy to use! For example, brighten up your toilet with the botanical print cactus or hang for a cheerful effect the William Morris - Willow Bough print in the kitchen. 

Do you like subtle botanical art?

For the lover of botanical art in a subtle way, there are various minimalist prints in the botanical collection to be found. There are different types of green leaves and plants in the collection that have a soft appearance.

In addition, there are graceful flowers, which are very cheerful and subtle because of the way they are designed. A small botanical touch at home or in the office can make a big difference. One thing is certain and that is that every home or office could use some nature!botanical art

Do you like present and busy botanical art?

Do you really want to go for a busy and colorful one print from the muzzleanic art collection? They can also be found at Walljar! When you are looking for busy and colorful botanical art, are you all right with the posters and prints by William Morris. These are botanical posters and prints with a busy drawing consisting of various colors and shapes. Ideal as an eye-catcher! 

Combine the botanical posters with each other

De botanical art collection is very suitable for making a nice mix on the wall. For example, combine different green leaves for a subtle but dressed effect. Or hang two large posters of William Morris side by side for a playful and colorful effect. 

Enthusiastic about botanical art?

Have you become enthusiastic about the botanical art collection and do you want a botanical print on the wall? View de botanical collection and choose your favourite!