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The pearl of the South has on Breda posters much to offer but is also a beautiful city to visit in practice. We have selected three places in Breda that you must visit when you are in Breda!

1. Rat Verlegh Stadium

NAC Breda has a concept that most in the Netherlands have heard of: 'The evening NAC'. It is an absolute concept, not only in the football world but also beyond. During the home games of the club, about 200.000 liters of beer are passed through annually. This unique experience is something for every football fan he or she must have experienced at least once in his or her life! Whether NAC plays its matches in the Eredivisie or in the Kitchen Champion Division, the atmosphere around these matches is a unique experience in Dutch football and really typical Breda in a nutshell.

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The Rat Verlegh Stadium is one of Breda's attractions. NAC Breda is a beacon of conviviality and fits perfectly with the image of Breda as a club. Do you also want to bring this beautiful piece of Breda into your home? That is possible with beautiful Breda posters on your wall. You will find the print here !

2. Monastery Barracks

The monastery barracks is a national monument in the heart of Breda. This monument was originally a nunnery but over the years it has also had other functions. For example, the building was used as a barracks between 1814 and 1975. In 1995 the east wing was demolished and the Chassé theater was built here and in 1998 the rest of the barracks went on the market. This was bought by Holland Casino to restore it and the casino opened in June 2003!

The casino has been a wonderful form of entertainment in Breda for years. Whether you want to blow off stress, want a wonderful night out or you feel that luck is on your side: casino in Breda will provide you with a wonderful evening.

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3. Our Lady's Church

The Church of Our Lady in Breda is one of the four top monuments in Brabant. This historic building is undoubtedly the center of the entire city. The church is located on the Grote Markt in Breda and is also called the Grote Kerk. Not only are church services held in the Grote Kerk, but there is also room for cultural events, business events, weddings and trade fair locations.

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Breda is nicknamed 'the pearl of the south' for a reason. This beautiful city has a lot to offer for both young and old. We have made the best Breda posters of all the locations you should ever visit in Breda. Go to our Breda collection and find your favorite Breda poster!