Burning man poster

this fat black and white gallery wall with a Burning Man poster, among other things, would you like to have on the wall as a real Burning Man fan? This way you get the real Burning man feeling in the endless desert, with cool artwork and self-sufficiency.

The designs in this gallery wall

Burning Man poster with your inner child

The eye-catcher in this gallery wall is clearly the burning man poster that shows the inner child in all of us. The artwork was created by Alexander Milov and has been given the name ''love''. It depicts the expressions of a human being from both the inside and the outside. You see two adults with their backs to each other who have a difference of opinion, while the children in them pull towards each other. The artwork symbolizes your inner purity and sincerity that brings us all together, whatever our differences. This Burning man poster has a beautiful message and will be a real eye-catcher in your home!
Burning man poster

Flowy abstract designs

De burning man poster is nicely complemented by four abstract designs on which you can see flowy shapes. Abstract art is always a good idea. You can decide for yourself what you think, feel and see. How fat is that!
Burning man poster

The most famous festival in the desert

You already saw it a bit at the burning man poster, the festival takes place in a desert! The festival is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in the United States. That's why we have this desert poster added to the gallery wall.

Burning man poster

do you go the burning man poster hang on your wall?

You can view the entire photo wall here. shopping, or if you prefer a single burning man poster go can you here. rightly so. 

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