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Walljar has a beautiful collection of canvas paintings for you! The collections are continuously expanded by our designers with inspiring prints to decorate your walls. Take a quick look at the webshop to get your hands on your favorite prints. When you get this canvas paintings Once you have brought it into your home, you should of course hang it on the wall. Here we tell you everything about hanging a canvas.

Hang canvas like a pro

Hanging a canvas painting When you choose canvas as wall decoration a wooden frame is used as a hanging method. Below is an explanation of how best to do this and what you need for this.


To hang a canvas you need the following:

✓ Hammer

✓ Spirit level 

✓ Pencil 

✓ Two nails

How do you handle this?

When you are one canvas painting it is of course useful to know how to do this as effectively as possible. That is why we have drawn up a step-by-step plan for you so that you do not unnecessarily smash your wall.

How do you proceed?

  1. Choose a place in the house where you want to hang the painting. Take into account the fact that it is generally assumed that the center of the work will hang at eye level.
  2. Mark the height with a pencil (take into account the 4 cm frame thickness). Now use the spirit level to mark the points.
  3. Drive the nails into the wall so that they protrude slightly upwards from the wall 2 cm. This leaves a supporting surface for the cloth.
  4. When the nails have been driven into the wall, hang the canvas so that the frame rests on the nails.

Tips for hanging a canvas

 Position the cloth so that it is the center of the room. When hanging, pay attention to the symmetry of the room.

The colors of the canvas will fade faster when in direct contact with sunlight.

When the wood frame is exposed to humid conditions, the wood can warp.

Wear gloves if necessary: ​​canvas is a sensitive material. With cotton gloves you can prevent the painting from being damaged. 

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