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Are you looking for a canvas painting but not sure what the advantages are? In this blog we list it for you! But first, let's start by explaining exactly what canvas is.

Canvas is a sturdy fabric, traditionally made from hemp fibers. It has a stiff and strong texture and has been used to make paintings for centuries: did you know that the oldest surviving canvas painting hangs in the Gemälde gallery in Berlin? This canvas is from 1410! So you see, investing in quality pays off.

Canvas painting
Why you should choose a canvas painting!

At Walljar you can next wall decoration on canvas also opt for plexiglass and posters. But there is a big difference between these materials! Canvas looks very different from, for example, the glossy plexiglass, but choosing canvas has many advantages! Curious? Do read on!

 1. It's light

A canvas painting is made from one light materiall. There are no heavy screws involved and no plugs are necessary to hang the painting securely. Easy!

 2. It's not pricey!

A canvas painting is cheap, especially when compared to other materials such as wood and (plexi) glass. Super nice for the currants among us!

 3. You don't need a frame

You don't necessarily need a frame for a canvas painting. You can mount it on the wall right away. This is reflected in the price!

 4. You have endless possibilities

The options are endless. You can put any image you want on a canvas and turn it into a beautiful painting to your own taste! In addition, it is available in all shapes, shapes and sizes. Canvas can even be used in a damp room such as the bathroom or outside! For this you have to apply a special coating so that it can withstand these conditions without any problems. Watch the whole now collection from Walljar!
Canvas on the wall

5. It has a pleasant matte appearance

A canvas painting has no annoying shine or reflection, so that you can no longer see the canvas in optima forma. For some, shine is simply annoying and then you better go for the familiar canvas!

 6. Canvas is durable and durable

As we said, the oldest canvas painting is from 1410 and has still not turned into a pile of dust. How bizarre. So a canvas cloth is durable: you will be able to enjoy your wall decoration for a very long time. Because the material is made of 100% cotton, it gives the photo a natural look. In addition, the ink is odorless and environmentally friendly!

 7. A canvas painting gives depth

Because a canvas painting has depth, and does not hang flat against the wall like some other wall decorations, the image literally and figuratively comes out and draws attention in the room where it hangs!

 8. No problems with dust

You can easily keep a canvas painting clean. Just cover it with a damp cloth and it looks like new again!

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