Cocktail poster

Do you also love cocktails? Then a cocktail poster is really the wall decoration you want to have in your home. The beautiful Food & Drinks collection contains many of the most popular and classic cocktails. Of course, the Sex on the beach, the Mojito and the martinis can be found in this beautiful collection by Walljar. 

Where do I hang my cocktail poster on?

cocktail poster is ideal for hanging in the kitchen or sitting area. The fits in the kitchen wall decoration excellent as you make all your own cocktails here. In addition, the colorful cocktail poster go well with the colors of, for example, a fruit bowl that you have on the counter and they give some vibrancy to your kitchen.

In the sitting area you are always with friends, acquaintances and family having a drink and chatting. With a beautiful cocktail poster brighten up the seating area and show everyone which cocktail you like. This beautiful print will certainly not go unnoticed by your visit. 

So choose your favorite drink so that everyone can see what your favorite cocktail is. Of course you can also grab a cocktail that fits well with the colors of your interior. It just depends on your preference. 

Highly recommended is a cocktail poster of Mai Tai because of the beautiful color combination of this. In addition, the old fashioned en Sex on the beach the bestsellers due to the excessive popularity for these delicious drinks. 
cocktail poster

Thinking back to that lovely terrace day 

Do you remember that lovely sunny day? Sit on the terrace with your sunglasses on in the blazing sun. Have a nice meal and drink with some friends. And then all enjoy a few delicious cocktails. The ice-cold, sweet cocktails are a real summer delight. We have highlighted two cocktails for you:

cocktail poster Sex on the Beach

The combination of vodka, peachtree liqueur, orange juice and cranberry juice for the Sex on the beach will make your mouth water right away. Order this poster here !


cocktail poster Mojito

The rum, lime juice, cane sugar, sparkling water, mint and lots of ice of the Mojito is the perfect combination for a delicious drink. Discover the print here !


Let your memories come to life in your home! Right away cocktail poster you will always remember these pleasant moments and you can enjoy it. Moreover, you can also bring the atmosphere that you normally have on the terrace into your home. 

Are you also in the mood for cocktails? 

Order your favorite cocktail poster at Walljar and hang it up in your sitting area or kitchen! Don't let these delicious cocktails wait any longer!