Wanddecoratie inspiratie

Is your living room in need of an update? When renovating, don't just think about replacing the furniture and an entire renovation; with new wall decoration you bring a completely new life to your walls! Not just your walls, the entire living room looks immediately different. Read on for some decoration inspiration to breathe new life into your living room!

Bring some nature into your home

This is a very simple decoration tip from us, which you can hardly go wrong with. Elements from nature are highly recommended and always add a nice atmosphere to a living room! Greenery is good, flowers create a bright atmosphere and animals bring some life to the room. Perhaps this is exactly what your living room needs. Take a look at our flowers, plant of animals collection! 

Color works well

Do you want to break through the 'normal' with wall decoration that really stands out? Colorful art can be really cool in the living room, unfortunately people like to play it 'safe' with more neutral colors. If you want to do things differently, choose color! 

Decoration inspiration: For example, view our wall decoration in the colorful movie scene collection

Asian art 

Asian art has something soothing and relaxing, but also something unique that you don't easily see in other types of art. Our Asia collection is full of beautiful Asian art; paintings with soft and pleasant colors, paintings with brighter and darker colors and paintings where beautiful landscapes emerge. With our Asia collection you create a unique atmosphere in your living room!

A minimalist living room

Do you prefer not to be too crazy and do you like to keep it low-key? Then minimalist art is what you should go for. With this you create a modern atmosphere to your living room that suits all living styles!

Decoration inspiration collections: for example you can go for line art or for ours ddictionary collection.
Wall decoration living room

For the football fans

Last but not least, the perfect wall decoration inspiration for football fans. Do you have a special love for a certain football club? We have a large collection with football prints. Quickly see if your team is in the middle! If you want to decorate your living room with personal wall decoration and you are a real football fan, then a print from the football collection an asset to you. 

Share some decoration inspiration

Do you know someone who could use some decoration inspiration and new wall decoration? Share it with them! Or dive our wide range in to find an asset to yourself!