Kleine woonkamer inrichten

A small living room Furnishing can sometimes be quite a challenge. We prefer to have as much space as possible, but a small living room can also be arranged in such a way that it is a nice and fun place to spend your time. Looking for small living room inspiration? We have listed the most important tips for you! 

1. Light colors 

The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a small space is to use light colors. Light colours, mainly on the walls and floor, let your small living room namely bigger eyes. Therefore choose colors such as white, beige or off-white. The light that enters through the windows is also reflected by the light colours, making the small living room also looks bigger. Do you want to prevent it from getting too light? Then apply color with the help of furniture and accessories. Because you have already made it visually more spacious due to the light floor and wall, you can work more freely with furniture and decorations. With plants, pillows or wall decoration you immediately create more atmosphere!
Decorating a small living room

2. Go to the top

Do you only have a limited amount of space in width and length and therefore looking for small living room inspiration? Then update! It's an easy way to create more living space. From wall shelves to tall cabinets. Furniture on high legs also makes the room appear larger. Take the sofa, for example: it always takes up the most space, of course. Optically you can still small living room make it look bigger by choosing a sofa with high legs. You create a spatial effect in a simple way. 
Decorating a small living room

3. Furniture with storage space 

Are you going a decorating a small living room, then there is a strong chance that you will not be able to store your belongings everywhere. So get creative with the furniture! You can go for multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa with storage space under the seat. Or side tables with storage space, stools that can also function as a side table at the same time, or a chest as a coffee table. They are all solutions so that you do not have an extra cupboard in your small living room need to place. Be creative, do enough small living room inspiration and the possibilities are endless!

4. Save space with a round dining table 

Are you going a decorating a small living room with dining area, choose a round dining table. A round dining table takes up less space than a corner dining table, while still providing seating for enough people. When you combine this with dining room chairs without armrests, you save even more space. You can take a seat more easily, so that the chairs do not have to be pushed far back. 

5. Big furniture in a small living room

Are you going a small living room decorate, then you are probably inclined to do this with small furniture. Smaller furniture, so optically larger and less crammed. This is partly true! For example, it is not convenient to have a large and sturdy dining table in a small living roomr to place. But if you opt for one large corner sofa, for example, the space will look larger than if you go for two small sofas: the living room therefore seems much fuller. 

6. Keep it tidy 

A small living room can quickly look messy. And a messy one small living room just make the room seem smaller. Enough storage spaces to store your belongings and daily cleaning is therefore key for a small living room. In addition, regularly have a large clean-up where you get rid of all unnecessary things. This keeps your small living room neat and pleasant to live in!

7. Collage of paintings

With wall decoration you can deceive the eyes of yourself and visitors: this way you increase or accentuate the height of the small living room. A collage of paintings of photo wall may seem too much for one small living room, but can actually help you small living room make it look bigger when you use it right! 
Decorating a small living room

Looking for unique decorations for you small living room?

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