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club's club icons ADO Den Haag

Some of club's club icons ADO Den Haag are Rob Jansen, Marco Gentile and Lex Schoenmaker. Rob Jansen is known as a players' agent and former co-owner and advisor to the supervisory board. He has meant a lot to the club with his work off the field. 

Marco Gentile is a popular former player and now assistant coach and video analyst at Excelsior. He knew with ADO Den Haag to achieve many successes. With his rock-hard tackles he managed to stop every attacker. The tough defender was known for his hard play. 

Lex Schoenmaker is a club icon who was mainly known for his attacking qualities. The striker who sometimes played as a left winger for ADO Den Haag managed to score 144 goals in Eredivisie and 25 European goals in his entire career. He was the real goalscoring machine for the club. 

The Hague painting  

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The prize cabinet of the yellow greens

ADO Den Haag can be proud of the achievements it has managed to achieve throughout the club's history. Despite ADO Den Haag Nowadays, increasingly having to fight against relegation, the club has managed to win a lot of prizes. 

The club managed to become back to back champion of the Netherlands in 1942 and 1943. An achievement that few clubs can replicate. Becoming a champion once is already great, but twice in a row is completely insane.

In addition, the club also managed to win the KNVB Cup twice (1968 and 1975). This is a bit more recent than the championships but still a while ago. What is more recent are the championships in the First Division and the promotions via play-offs of the First Division. 

The First Division was won by the men in yellow green in 1957, 1986 and 2003 Ado den Haag. In addition, promotions were also obtained in 1989 and 2008. These promotions were always celebrated in The Hague and were the most exciting matches for the supporters to experience.

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Overview prices and highlights

  • Champion Eredivisie: 1942, 2943
  • First Division: 1957, 1986, 2003
  • Promotion to Eredivisie: 1957, 1986, 2003
  • KNVB Cup: 1968, 1975

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The Hague painting
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