Designer Britt

Britt, the youngest designer in our team who has released the cocktail, abstract, line art and kids collection, among other things, talks about her working day at Walljar. Get to know our designer! 

About Britt

My name is Britt, 19 years old and I come from Rotterdam. I recently graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam as a graphic designer. Graphic design is therefore where my passion lies! From an early age I loved drawing, painting and claying and that is why I went to an international school in Breda with a specialization in visual arts. Normal subjects have never been my thing, my ambitions really lie in the world of design. In addition to being creative, I can often be found on the terrace for a drink or I am looking for the most beautiful plants! 

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

I wake up in my apartment in the cozy Delfshaven, after which I leave with the scooter to the office in the heart of Rotterdam. When I arrive, I greet my colleagues and we chat for a while before the working day starts. 

I always discuss with the team what needs to be done that day, usually about new prints, collections or visuals. Then follows the design process! I start by gaining inspiration: I do this by looking on Pinterest for example or I look at the work of other artists. I use this to make a mood board which helps me to create my own, unique designs. Only then does the sketching and designing begin! 

In the afternoon I always take a nice lunch break with the team. I usually have finished designing around this time, so that's discussed right away. With feedback I can continue designing until it is perfect! 

What do you like most about your job? 

It is work where I can express my creativity and that is what I enjoy the most. It is a combination of being creative and tactical, because of course you also have to look at what works best in the market and what exactly are the trends that people want to see. I also provide visuals for the website and social media. I also like to do this because I can really think up and design something that looks good. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and colors. 

A pleasant working atmosphere is of course also very important. This makes work really fun. I am surrounded by nice colleagues in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. We have lunch together, have drinks together every Friday and also take fun trips outside of work. Precisely because the team is not that big, you have good contact with each other and that makes my work very nice. 
Abstract collection

Where do you get your inspiration from and how long does it take you to launch a new collection?

I look a lot on Pinterest, there are a lot of paintings and other works of art here. I also look at what other graphic designers are doing. From this I can discover the best color combinations, which in turn helps me release new designs. 

How long it takes me to complete a collection differs. This is mainly due to the details of the design. For example, if you look at the abstract collection, you see that there is little detail in it, so this is quickly made in a day or two. About the children's collection I did a lot longer because there are many more details in this!

What are your favorite collections?

Abstract! Color combinations are important here and I like to discover that and thoroughly investigate what fits together. I am also a fan of abstract art: it is nice and quiet and timeless.

Also the cocktails I like it very much. The bright colors really make the drinks stand out. It looks fancy while at the same time being made in a very minimalistic way.