Wat is dibond schilderij

Have you always wanted a dibond painting in your home or garden? Bee walljar a lot is possible! A dibond painting looks very nice in your interior, but what is it actually made of? And how do you have your own design placed on it? You can read this and more in this blog.

A luxurious look

A dibond paintingj has a luxurious matte look with vibrant colours. As a result, a dibond paintingreally look good in your interior. The design you choose is printed directly on the material. For a different result, the plate can be provided with a foil with matt or gloss laminate. Do you choose a large painting it will be a real statement piece. For example above the sofa or the dining room table. It will also brighten up your garden if you hang it outside against your shed wall. Can your wall use this and do you also want a unique painting? Then view our ddesigns in our webshop. All designs can also be printed on dibond. For this, please contact us by sending an email to info@walljar.com.

What is dibond painting

Dibond painting for outside

A Dibond painting is also suitable for outside! it is perfect to give your garden or balcony extra flair with, for example, a floral print design† The material is resistant to corrosion and weather influences, so it does not warp and lasts a long time. The hard top layer protects it against surface damage. A good investment, such a sustainable one dibond painting† Have you already thought of a nice place to hang it? 

what is dibond painting

Easy to assemble

A dibond paintingj is made of a combination of aluminum and plastic. The plate is not heavy and easy to hang. hanging props are supplied. This makes it easy to mount on facades. It can also be easily mounted on flat walls. The thickness of dibond is 3 mm and it is hung with a suspension system of plates.

Which size dibond painting?

Our dibond paintingj wall circles come in different sizes. You can choose to hang two of the same size next to each other: for example the 100 x 100 cm, for a really symmetrical look. but it is also fun to make a combination of large and small wall circles, for a playful effect. We also have the option to choose your own shape with your own design, for example if you have a square dibond paintingyou would like. The standard dimensions we have of our wall circles are:

  • 40x40 inch
  • 60x60 inch
  • 80x80 inch 
  • 100x100 inch
  • 120x120 inch
what is dibond painting

Choose from many different designs

Do you want a round dibond painting or rather your own custom shape and size, then look no further! a round dibond painting, or wall circle, we have floral prints and designs from William Morris† If your interior can be brightened up, choose one of our awesome wall circle designs. Prefer your own design and format? That is also possible! Send us a message via the live chat or email your wishes to info@walljar.com

Your dibond paintingYou shop at Walljar!

Now that you know everything about the possibilities around dibond paintingsn, it's time to pick out a nice one. Or have it made of course. Do you already feel inspired to create a unique painting to hang on your wall. Then shop it walljar.com!