Aardse tinten

You really create atmosphere with color. For example, you can create a warm and pleasant feeling with color, or make a room very light and spacious. How special is it that you can create an enormous amount of colors with the colors red, yellow and blue?! This way you make a color softer with white and more intense with black. So if you want to breathe new life into your interior, you can go a long way by choosing a certain color palette. In this blog we tell you more about earthy colors!

Earth colors in the products

Let's start by explaining what earth tones actually be precise. Earthy colors is a color shade that consists of warm colors that you often see in natural elements. Think, for example, of the color of earth, stone, sand, leaves or clay. These natural elements often have a warm color such as brown, beige, orange, yellow, red, and so on.

When you go for a products with earthy colors you create a natural atmosphere that fits well with almost all living styles. In addition, we now live in a digital world in which we increasingly lose our connection with the world around us. Earthy colors help restore this bond to some extent. 

Materials matching earthy colors

Earthy colors adding in the living room is a good way to add your products to provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Which materials go well with this? Because earth tones are based on natural elements, natural materials simply fit best here. Think for example of wood, leather or wool. So you can do that in different ways earthy colors let return. With pillows, plaids or a rug with warm colors you can easily bring those earthy tones into your home. 

Paintings with earthy colors

Earthy colors can also come out very nicely in art. Decorate the walls with beautiful schilderijen with earthy colors gives your products a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It's a simple way to bring the beauty of the natural into your home. We have listed 2 collections for you that offer the fine warm, earthy colors that can be difficult to understand. 

Earthy colors  

Abstract paintings 

De abstract collection is a wide collection with warm, earthy colors. The schilderijen contain abstract shapes with soft, pleasant tones that products really gives a natural atmosphere. 

Earthy colors  

Line art paintings 

De line art collection contains schilderijen with a real earthly and natural atmosphere. Some schilderijen contain a somewhat lighter color and others schilderijen are a bit darker, but they all have a beige or brown earthy color

do you see that earthy colors already for you in your products?

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