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The modern living style offers a lot of peace, looks very spacious and also looks very chic. It is therefore a popular style for the bedroom. In practice, it can be quite difficult to bedroom to decorate. In this blog you can read tips on how to create your own modern bedroom!

Modern living style

The modern living style is characterized by simple colours, clean lines, minimalism and large furniture. Few small home accessories are used, it is precisely the large eye-catchers that ensure that the room radiates unity. Common materials in a modern living style are metal, plastic and steel. This gives the room a chic look. 
Modern bedroom

Create a neutral base

for your modern bedroom To furnish it, it is first good to look at the floor and walls. For a modern bedroom floors with a concrete look and large dark tiles are very suitable. A wooden floor is also a good choice for a warmer atmosphere in the bedroom. Basic colors such as white, black and various shades of gray are suitable colors for the wall. This provides a calm and neutral basis for the modern bedroom to be further set up. 
Modern bedroom

Provide the right lighting

Lighting is of course very important. It is not only functional, but can also bring a lot of atmosphere. In a modern interior, a hanging lamp in the middle of the room is a real eye-catcher. For example, look for a large lamp with black steel in a sleek design. Furthermore, recessed spots are ideal for a modern bedroom. It gives a timeless and sleek look.
Modern bedroom

Furniture in a modern bedroom

When choosing furniture in the bedroom it is good to look at timeless, sleek and large furniture. Opt for a sleek bed and place square bedside tables next to it. If you have room for it, place a sideboard in the same style as the bedside table. This ensures unity and tranquility in the bedroom. 

In addition, built-in wardrobes are ideal for your home modern bedroom. In addition to the fact that built-in wardrobes allow you to use your bedroom very efficiently, it gives the bedroom a sleek and tidy appearance. 
Modern bedroom

Top it off with accessories

The modern living style is characterized by minimalism, a lot of home accessories therefore do not belong to a modern bedroom. Therefore, do not opt ​​for many loose and small accessories, but for one or two eye-catchers. A striking vase, lamp or side table are good examples of this!
Modern bedroom

Wall decoration in a modern bedroom

It is an important part of your modern bedroom: wall decoration. It makes the bedroom attractive and chic. There are different styles that you can choose for your modern bedroom:

  • For a sleek design, our Line Art collection suitable for you modern bedroom! For example, hang the Abstract Line Art II together with the Abstract Line Art IV as a framed poster in a large format above your bed. 
  • Our Abstract collection brings both atmosphere and tranquility to the bedroom. The design Paint Stroke gives your modern bedroom an atmospheric twist. In this blog you can read inspiration and tips on how to photo wall can make!
  • Hang your own art on the wall! At Walljar we have an extensive range of photo art. Choose your favorite designs and create your own gallery wall. 
  • De Dandelion Fluff brings a mysterious and warm atmosphere to the bedroom. Tip: to make it a really striking wall decoration piece, hang it in Plexiglas! Read our blog about Plexiglass to know all about it.  

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Wall decoration for you modern bedroom

A modern bedroom consists mainly of large furniture, clean lines and colors such as white and various shades of gray. By hanging the right wall decoration, you can turn your bedroom into an attractive and modern bedroom! Go quickly to our website and choose your favorite wall decoration.