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Dinners with friends and family, long Sunday morning breakfasts with the family, your first cup of coffee in the morning. The dining room is an often underrated space in the house, but it is a versatile place where everyone comes together. That is why you naturally want to set up your dining room so that you feel comfortable and others feel welcome. In this blog: Decorating your dining room with wall decoration based on three trends.

Trend 1: Round shapes

Je decorating dining room with round and organic shapes is completely the trend of today. Think of a nice round dining table, a tree trunk table and round rugs. Round shapes can complete your interior because they break straight shapes and lines. Also with round wall decoration you can decorating dining room finish in a very nice way. At Walljar we have different types wall circles In the assortment. These are available in different materials. The round wall decorations are available as forex wall circle, dibond wall circle and wallpaper circles. 

Wall circle materials:

  • Dibond: A sturdy panel with aluminum outer layers and a plastic core. The material feels light and the hard top layer provides good protection for the wall circle. The circles are 3 millimeters thick and can be hung by means of an adhesive system. 
  • Forex : A lightweight panel with a foamed PVC filling. The thickness is 3 millimeters and can be hung just like a dibond wall circle by means of an adhesive system. 
  • wallpaper circlel: This one is made of self-adhesive textile wallpaper. The material is tear-resistant and water-resistant. This makes it easy to remove the wallpaper circle from the wall to hang it somewhere else or to remove it. 

decorating dining room

Trend 2: Natural materials with color

A trend that we do not see disappearing for the time being is the combination of natural materials with color. With you decorating dining room you can think of a tree trunk dining table, a woolen rug or rattan dining table chairs. Other popular natural materials include bamboo, jute and lime paint. Whatever you can think of with you decorating dining room coupled with this trend is adding ethnic elements such as accessories, prints, rugs and furniture from around the world. Take a look for example Mosaic Arch en Moroccan Architecture II from the Morocco Collection. Also in the Collection of Famous Painters you will find prints with ethnically inspired prints, such as Holland Park Carpet en Turkish Bed Cover from William Morris. 

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Trend 3: Calm and cool one decorating dining room

Je decorating dining room in a calm way but with a tough twist? The industrial trend is perfect for that. With this trend you combine natural materials, such as wood, with coarser, tougher materials, such as steel and bricks. Picking out wall decoration from you decorating dining room in the industrial style, for example, you do it on the basis of a color palette. 

Colors that go well with this style are green and blue. Black and white photography like Manhattan Bridge en Newspaper look good on a blue or green wall. You can also opt for prints in green and blue colors on a lighter or black painted wall. Would you also like to apply this style in your bedroom? Be sure to read the blog Wall decoration for your industrial bedroom

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Whether you go for natural materials, a cool interior or round and organic shapes, you decorating dining room do you with wall decoration from Walljar!