Eigen poster ontwerpen

Posters come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, but isn't what you're looking for? Then you can get a at Walljar design your own poster! We make these posters completely custom and bring your ideas into reality. 

Step 1: Choose the design

Whether it is a submitted photo, your own design or a combination of these, we make it unique by designing it completely according to your wishes. You can hang your favorite photo of your child or dog, a nice holiday snapshot or a wedding photo on the wall. 
Design your own poster

Step 2: Make a design together

In addition to submitting your own photo, it is also possible to make a design together. Are you looking for a unique abstract poster or line art of a dear friend? This is also possible, together with the design team we can work together to arrive at your desired poster. 

Maybe interesting for you: design your own poster examples.

Step 3: Choose the material 

Do you know what kind of design you want? Top! Then we can get started with the material. We offer the following standard materials:


Would you like a print with a matte appearance? Then the old familiar canvas painting the ideal outcome! This material is affordable and durable. The canvases can have a wooden frame of 2 cm or 4 cm thickness. 

Canvas painting


Plexiglass paintings have no frame: the prints are printed directly on the back of the glass. Plexiglass is a material that can be hung both indoors and outdoors. The plexiglass material has a thickness of 3 mm.

Plexiglass painting

poster paper

Would you rather go for a personalized poster? The Walljar posters are printed on 240gsm satin photo paper; this gives a matte look to your print. The frames have a thickness of about 1 cm.


Next to an design your own poster on rectangular designs we also supply wall circles on the following materials:


Dibond is a smooth, sturdy and light material due to the combination of aluminum with a black plastic core. The material Dibond has a thickness of 3 mm.



Forex is a hard, strong and light material made of foamed PVC with a light structure. The material Forex has a thickness of 3 mm. 



The wallpaper that we can supply is self-adhesive, wrinkle-free textile wallpaper. The material is repositionable and easy to remove. The wallpaper is water resistant, tear resistant and not hard-adhesive, so it does not affect the substrate.


Step 4: Choose a format

Whether you have a large or small format in mind, together we will figure it out! The different formats can differ per material. So contact us for the possibilities: call us at: +3110-2613977, mail to info@walljar.com or start a live chat!

Design your own poster done in no time

By following the steps above, your design your own poster done in no time. take contact Contact us to pass on your wishes!