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A popular living style full of color and warmth is an ethnic interior. With this style there are many influences of colors and materials from all over the world. In this blog we show you which wall decoration there with an ethnic interior suits. 

A worldly interior

During the ethnic interior influences from all over the world can be found. Think of beautiful Moroccan rugs, Turkish pottery, Indian rugs and African baskets. The prints from different countries often have unique patterns and colors. So in this trend we see a lot of natural materials: wood, bamboo, pottery. You name it. Rattan and wooden furniture go very well with this in combination with, for example, beautiful rugs or (fake) animal skins. And of course beautiful wall decoration not lacking.

The color palette of a ethnic interior 

The color palette of this living style is very extensive. Earth tones are often used in the base, such as terracotta, beige, green and various brown tones. These are often complemented by the colors from the ethnic items in the interior in colors such as gold, yellow, red and orange. The whole gives a warm and cozy feeling. Of course you can also have a ethnic interior create in a calm basic color. Choose what suits you! 

Posters for you ethnic interior at Walljar! 

At Walljar we have various posters that go well with a ethnic interior† A collection that you cannot ignore is our Moroccan photo art. This collection is full of beautiful photographs of Moroccan architecture. Beautiful arches are combined with colorful mosaics. You can also see that this collection fits perfectly into the color palette of a ethnic interior† One of the posters that we think is a nice addition to an ethnic interior Moroccan Temple II† In this design you see a Moroccan temple with high arches. The bottom of the arches is finished with a beautiful blue-green mosaic and the floor in this temple is also completely in the Moroccan style. You can also see beautiful blue tiles in Secret Garden† The sun and the water bring out the blue and green tones very nicely. With these two posters you imagine yourself completely in Morocco! 

ethnic interior

William Morris in you ethnic interior

William Morris was a designer who liked to be inspired by colors and patterns from other countries and cultures. You can see this in his work. For example, how about Holland Park Carpet† This is a carpet design with influences from the Middle Ages and Eastern culture. Inspired by Turkish spheres, he designed Turkish Bed Cover† A beautiful design with primary colors and a repeating pattern. Prefer something different than a poster? This and other William Morris designs are also available as wall circle in different sizes. Morris' designs fit perfectly in a ethnic interior

ethnic interior

Photo wallpaper as a basis for you ethnic interior

If you like the bigger work and making an impact, take a look at our photo wallpaper! This collection contains designs that will form a nice basis for your ethnic interior! Of Desert In The Moonlight you immediately imagine yourself in a different environment. This abstract representation of a desert fits perfectly with the calm, but warm color palette. Prefer a savanna area on the wall? Then take a look at Savanna Trees

ethnic interior

ethnic interior

An abstract ethnic interior

You can also express yourself with abstract paintings ethnic interior finish completely. For example, in our abstract collection we have several abstract desert landscapes and mountain ranges, such as Calm Mountains in a circular shape against a light background. Or do you choose Desert Day that fits perfectly into the theme with its earthy colors? 

ethnic interior

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As you can see there are different collections where you can shop for your ethnic interior. Have you already made your choice in our webshop?