Extra kamer inrichten

It's a luxury problem, but how should you furnish that one extra room? It is probably now a storage room where you can store all your junk, but that is of course a waste of space. In this blog you can read the best tips for furnishing an extra room!

Home office

It is of course important to keep work and private life separate. That is why there is the option to set up a home office! An furnish an extra room can be done very well by making it your own office. This way you keep work and private life well separated. You can read how you can best set up your home office in this blog: set up home workplace.
Furnish an extra room

Walk in closet

A furnish an extra room with all your clothes, shoes and bags: that is of course a big dream for every woman. Turn the extra room into a walk-in closet! Say goodbye to the cluttered wardrobe in your bedroom and make way for your new walk-in closet where all your clothes, shoes and bags look good.
Furnish an extra room

hobby room

Turn the extra room into your hobby room! Whether your hobby is DIY, crafts, making music, drawing, painting, writing or playing games, a furnish an extra room for this hobby is always good. Provide enough cupboard space by placing a large cupboard so that you have all the space to store your hobby items. Set up a large table and see your hobby room here!
Furnish an extra room


The dream for young and old: a cinema in your own home. Put down a large comfortable sofa, buy a beamer or a large television, turn off the lights and make a big bowl of popcorn. You never have to leave the house to have a cinema night, now you can do that at home!
Furnish an extra room

relaxation room

To escape the hectic pace of everyday life, you can furnish an extra room as a relaxation room! Make sure that the room consists of light tones. Place items in the room that make you calm, such as a yoga mat, incense sticks, candles, plants and a relaxing chair. You can also use this Mindfulness posters Hang it on the wall with positive affirmations, so you'll feel completely relaxed again in no time!
Furnish an extra room

game room

You either love it or you hate it: gaming. For the real game enthusiast it is of course a big dream to have their own game room! You can display your set-up however you want. This can be done by placing a large television, game controllers and a comfortable sofa, but computer screens with a nice desk chair also form a game room. Dark walls and mood lighting complete your game room and ensure that you are completely absorbed in your game!
Furnish an extra room


A place to retreat and read a nice book here, who wouldn't want that? An furnish an extra room you do it by creating your own library! Put a few bookcases together, put your books in them and your library is ready. You can always put a sofa or armchair in it to complete your library. That's fun!
Furnish an extra room

Fitness center

"No, I don't feel like going to the gym." The time for excuses is over, a furnish an extra room you do it by turning it into a gym! With a sports mat and a few weights you can come a long way. You can always expand afterwards with sports machines such as a rowing machine, a bench or a running belt. If you still have no motivation after this, this motivational posters make sure you still pop in your own gym! 
Furnish an extra room

How will you furnish your extra room?

Furnishing an extra room can be done in many ways. You can create your own home office, walk-in closet, hobby room, cinema, relaxation room, game room, library or gym. Have you already decided how to furnish your extra room?