FC Den Bosch fans

This blog is for the real FC Den Bosch fans! Read all about the history of FC Den Bosch and their iconic football players here! You can find all the highlights of the club as wall decoration at Walljar!

Championships and Club Icons

FC Den Bosch knew in 19711983, 1992, 1999, 2001 and 2004 promotion to the Eredivisie. For all FC Den Bosch fans Those were the best years and competitions to experience. You don't become champion of the First Division every day.

Partly thanks to players such as Stefan Jansen, Ruud Van Nistelrooij, Anthony Lurling and Jack de Gier, the club managed to become champion of the Eerste Divisie no fewer than 4 times. These players managed to pop one ball after another. The goal machines made it a lot easier to win the championships. 
Den Bosch wall decorationIn addition to these four championships, FC Den Bosch also managed to promote in 1983 and 1992 by coming out of the play-offs as the winner. The oh-so-exciting play-offs are always games to look forward to. Every team is going all out to secure their spot in the Eredivisie. There is always a lot of tension and sensation. A recipe for a good football afternoon!

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The most important final in the history of the club

The cup final in 1991 is for both FC Den Bosch and the FC Den Bosch fans a high point but also a low point in the history of the club. To start with the best, this was the first and only time FC Den Bosch managed to reach the final of the cup. 

After a successful cup campaign, the club had to compete against Feyenoord in the final. This was for the club and the FC Den Bosch fans a unique moment to experience. The tickets for the final were sold out in no time, because you had to be there!

the underdog 

The bookmakers predicted an easy win for Feyenoord, but the opposite turned out to be true. Feyenoord was 1-0 ahead, but had all the trouble with FC Den Bosch. Feyenoord had to pull out all the stops to keep the motivated FC Den Bosch away. The Eredivisionist even managed to push Feyenoord back at times and force great opportunities. 

Annoying tail at the end of the match

Unfortunately, it was not to be for FC Den Bosch and there was an annoying tail at the end of the match. In the 83rd minute, the Feyenoord supporters found it necessary to storm onto the field out of joy. The referee then blows his whistle and Feyenoord won the match. 

Afterwards FC Den Bosch filed a complaint in vain because the match would have lasted 7 minutes shorter. Unfortunately, this was not heeded. But despite the unfortunate outcome, the cup adventure and build-up to the final was a real fairytale and one of the highlights of the club!

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