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Sometimes we just want to escape the harsh reality for a while. This is of course best done by relaxing on the couch and enjoying your favorite movie. That is why you naturally want to have your favorite movie on your wall, so go and buy movie posters at Walljar now! Which posters are nice to hang on your wall? You can read it in this blog!

Our favorite movie posters!

When buy movie posters Of course you want to have a choice of your favorite movies! In this blog we highlight a number of groundbreaking and beloved films. Are you curious about the entire collection? Then view the movie posters collection! 

A Star is Born buy movie posters

It's a real tearjerker A Star is born! Jackson was a successful country artist, but has had his best years. His eye falls on Ally's talent and it soon becomes a loving relationship. With Ally becoming more and more successful, Jackson's success is ruined by his alcohol and drug addiction. The film has won no less than 10 awards. Our A Star Is Born poster shows the romantic scene where they sing a song together.

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Dirty Dancing poster

A movie that everyone knows is of course Dirty Dancing! The girl Frances (Baby) is on holiday in France with her parents and falls madly in love with her dance teacher Johnny. The last scene, which can be seen on our Dirty Dancing poster, is a special moment where Baby and Johnny perform a very sensual dance. 

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La La Land poster buy movie posters

A real romantic drama-musical film is of course La La Land! Mia's big dream is to become an actress. Sebastiaan is a jazz musician and dreams of owning his own club. They meet a few times and fall in love. Together they encourage each other to pursue each other's dreams. To our La La Land poster you can see the scene where Mia and Sebastiaan dance to the song 'A Lovely Night'. The film has won no less than 6 Oscars and is therefore already a real classic!

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood poster

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio and actress Margot Robbie, among others. It was therefore inevitable that this would become a successful film. The film is about Rick Dalton who used to be a successful actor from the 50s but can no longer find work. His best friend Cliff Booth was his old stuntman, together they try to get in touch with Rick's neighbors. Neighbor Sharon Tate who is a successful actress in the film industry. 

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The Sound Of Music poster buy movie posters

A classic that everyone knows of course: The Sound of Music! The dramatic story is about the von Trapp family who flee from the war in Austria. Maria helps the widower of seven children and brings them a lot of happiness, love and music. On the wall decoration is Julie Andrews seen during the famous opening scene of the musical film.

Do you already know which movie posters you want to hang on your wall? If your favorite movie is not described above, read our blog called 'decorate now your wall with the most beautiful movie posters!' This way you will undoubtedly find your favorite movie for your wall! 

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